NFL Draft 2022 Notebook Buzz, Rumors, and Big Questions

The 2022 NFL Draft With less than three weeks left, at which point we’ll be evaluating the odds each team picked in the class’s first 32 picks. Until then, our NFL Draft analysts are rounding up – connecting the dots, talking to sources, grinding the bar and collecting the final ratings.

In this week’s NFL Draft Notebook, analysts Matt Miller and Jordan Reed answer your questions. Is Georgia Travon Walker Really in the mix is ​​in second place overall? And what do cash-strapped Panthers do in the first round? The men deal with three inquiries for readers.

They also detail the much-anticipated LSU Pro Day, during which the back corner Derek Stingley Jr. He hopes to answer questions about his stock draft, and take a look at the top rumors and news about the league. If you are looking for information about the rise of the star quarterback in Cincinnati Desmond Reader – or how many spacious cabinets and receivers are expected to start early in this draft – this notebook is for you.

Let’s start with the readers’ questions, which have been edited for clarity:

Go to a big topic:
What will Carolina do in sixth place?
Who can target the Eagles in the first round?
Inside Derek Stingley Jr.’s Pro Day
How many QBs will participate in the first round?
Why do scouts like this safety class
Can WR Market Change the Draft?

Mailbag: Six Project Questions

convince me of that Travon Walker Black is pick at No. 2. (via Tweet embed)

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