Novak Djokovic is said to have been arrested following his victory in a case against the Australian government

GSP Article – Monday, January 10, 2022, 12:00 / Updated Monday, January 10, 2022 3:26 PM

The trial of Novak Djokovic (34 years old) ended in favor of the Serbian: the judge reversed the decision to cancel his visa and ordered his release from custody! A few hours later, Knol trained at the Australian Open and announced his intention to compete in the Grand Slam!

  • Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawk may intervene until 12:15 (21:15 local time) to once again cancel Djokovic’s visa. Hawk did not make that decision today, but he has exceptional decision-making power and can revoke his visa in the coming days.
  • A possible intervention means Knol will be banned in Australia for 3 years!

Update 15:15 – Novak Djokovic breaks the silence

A few minutes ago, When his family held a press conference, Novak Djokovic posted a photo and message on his personal Twitter account.

“I am just happy and thankful that the judge reversed the decision to cancel the visa. If all goes well, I would love to stay and participate in the Australian Open. I focus on that. In the presence of amazing fans, we flew here to play at one of our most important events.

For now I can not say much“But thank you for being with me in all of this and for encouraging me to be strong,” Djokovic wrote.

Along with the news, Knol also posted a photo of one of the stadiums at the Grand Slam tournament venue.


How did the border guards interrogate Novak Djokovic: “Should I give you more information at 4am? I showed you everything I asked for! ”

Update 13:00 – Novak Djokovic will deliver reports at 15:00

The player’s father told the BBC that Novak Djokovic would present reports with his family, starting at 15:00 in Romania. Knoll joins the press conference via video link.

Update 12:00 – Novak Djokovic will not be deported

According to Age, The immigration minister will not order Djokovic’s deportation today. The decision may still be made, but in the coming days.

According to the latest details, Djokovic is currently free to attend the Australian Open, but that could change on Tuesday.

UPDATE ora 11:55 – Haos total la Melbourne!

When a car pulled out of the office building where Novak Djokovic and his lawyers were staying, Serbian fans were in indescribable confusion. They stopped the car, shouted “Release Knol” and got into an argument with law enforcement. Even the tears were sprayed!

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After 5 minutes, Djokovic’s car was stopped by fans, the road was smooth and he was able to leave the area.

Update 11:40 – Djokovic’s fans gather near a Serbian building

A group of Novak Djokovic fans gathered in front of the Rialto Towers, the building where Knoll and his lawyers are currently staying. Police have evacuated them from the skyscraper.

Update 10:55 – Melbourne media contradicts Djokovic’s father: “Novak not arrested!”

Federal and tennis sources reported the release Age Djokovic was not actually arrested. They said the immigration minister was still considering whether to cancel Djokovic’s visa.

There are about 12 Victorian police officers and several private security guards at the entrance to the parking lot of the building where Novak Djokovic and his lawyers are staying.

Although Novak’s father claims that his son has been arrested, Noel’s brother Djordje contradicts his father: “They want to capture him and imprison Novak again!” Srdjan Djokovic will hold a press conference in Romania at 14:00.

Update 10:30 – Novak Djokovic’s father claims his son has been arrested

Novak’s father, Stratjan Djokovic, argued for the release Pavlovic today That Knoll was arrested for deportation! According to the cited source, the athlete’s lawyers are wondering how to respond.

Oliver Brown, editor-in-chief of The Telegraph, writes that several white police vans went to Djokovic’s lawyers’ office in Melbourne, where Novak was apparently to arrest the ATP leader.

Update 10:20 – Novak Djokovic in public after a positive test for Kovit-19!

Renowned journalist Ben Rothenberg, who writes for the New York Times, has published evidence of Novak Djokovic’s positive PCR test. The result came on December 16 at 8:19 p.m.

The next day after receiving a positive test, Djokovic went to the Novak Tennis Center on December 17, where he was photographed with several children without a mask. And on December 18, L’Equipe reveals that Djokovic attended a photo shoot With the “Champion des Champions 2021” trophy he presented to Nol at the end of the year.

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His first negative test came on December 22.

Novak Djokovic breaks silence  He trained in Melbourne and announced the following:

Novak Djokovic’s test was negative

Why did the judge decide in favor of Novak Djokovic?

Judge Anthony Kelly decided in principle to reverse the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa because the Serbian had not been given sufficient time to respond to the visa cancellation notice.

Here are the facts that led to this decision:

  • Last Thursday, at 05:20 local time, Djokovic was given until 8:30 a.m. to respond to the announcement that he could cancel his visa.
  • Instead, Djokovic’s comments were taken into account until 06:14, and the Border Police decided at 07:42 to cancel the visa. “Therefore, the plaintiff is not allowed to present arguments until 08:30,” the judge said.
  • The judge said that if Djokovic had until 8:30 a.m., he could have discussed with his panel the reasons for not canceling his visa.

Update 08:30 – Novak Djokovic does not escape emotions

But Djokovic could get in trouble again. The Australian Immigration Minister is again using his power to consider revoking Djokovic’s visa. The government insists that Djokovic’s recent Govt-19 infection disqualifies him from entering Australia.

By law, the minister has the exclusive decision-making power and can revoke his visa. The judge pointed out Djokovic could face up to 3 years in Australia, If the Minister decides to use his power.

Expect that The organizers of the Australian Open will announce on Tuesday whether Djokovic will attend He won the tournament 9 times.

Update 08:25 – Novak Djokovic’s trial is over

Judge Anthony Kelly ordered Noel’s immediate release from immigration detention and quashed the federal government’s decision to revoke his visa. World leader in tennis. In addition, the defendant ordered the Australian Interior Ministry to pay the costs and return Djokovic’s passport and personal belongings to the athlete.

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Try? The Australian government has acknowledged that Djokovic was not given enough time Consult with others and respond appropriately to the decision to cancel their visa.

At 08:25 in Romania, the meeting ended.

Djokovic-backed struggle in CPU shocks!  Serbian supporters came up with anti-vaccine crosses, and it all turned into a flash mob


Djokovic-backed struggle in CPU shocks! Serbian supporters came up with anti-vaccine crosses, and it all turned into a flash mob

Initial News – The judge wondered, “What else can he do?”

Novak Djokovic was interrogated early Monday morning and was released from custody at the Park Hotel in the second half of the trial so he could see the trial with his lawyers.

The first part of the trial ended at 05:00 in Romania. The trial resumed about two hours later, but was adjourned for a few minutes. Earlier, federal prosecutor Christopher Tron ruled that Novak Djokovic’s arrest warrant in Australia had expired. Anthony Kelly ordered a 4 hour extension.

In the first part, the judge said he was “dissatisfied” that Djokovic’s visa had been revoked, even though authorities had approached him with a document requesting an exemption from the Nol vaccine.

“The document was in the hands of the representative. The idea that makes me a little rebellious: What more could this man do?Asked the judge.

Earlier, he described Djokovic’s medical record as “the most important” exemption from the vaccine, with the exception being recommended by “a highly qualified teacher and physician” and approved by a panel of independent experts appointed by the government. State of Victoria.

The case of Novak Djokovic, in brief

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