Three police and security personnel from Kazakhstan were killed. One of them committed suicide

At least three officers dIn the fieldL SecurityATIII Were found dead in Kazakhstan. After last week’s riot, the worst Three decades of independence from the former Soviet republic, Reports The Moscow Times.

OK Ministerui By internal source From Kazakhstan, 16 police officers, Member GBurnI National and military forces were killed and more than 1,300 wounded in the riotsShook the whole country. The National Security Council of Kazakhstan (KNB) last week announced the arrest of its former leader Kareem Massimov.Or Persons ”, under suspicion of treason.

On the other hand, 164 protesters were killed and several thousand were arrested.

Police Chief Janad Suleimanov has committed suicide in the Jambil region of southern Kazakhstan, Interfax reported on Monday.

After the seizure of local and government police buildings in Taras by protesters, authorities opened an unspecified criminal case against Suleimano, local journalists reported.

Shortly afterwards, the KNB announced that the body of security colonel Assam Ibre had been found in front of his home in the Kazakh capital, Noor-Sultan.

The site of the telegram channel, which is believed to be linked to Russia’s security services, said Ibrev had fallen from a tall building.

Interfax later quoted Kazakhstan’s Interior Ministry as saying that Tanat Nazanov, the head of a police station in the country’s largest city, Almaty, had died of a heart attack. Almaty was the center of mass protests.

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Social media posts show that almost a week later, people attacked public offices, set fire to buildings and confiscated police equipment, including vehicles and riot gear.Complex.

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