Ovidiu Hasegan was appointed for Real Madrid’s Champions League game.

Ovidu Hasegan (age 42) has been appointed by UEFA for the match between Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League.

The Romanian referee went through a very difficult period and at the end of March he suffered a heart attack and underwent emergency surgery in Timișoara. Arădean had a stent implanted and from that moment he was unable to referee any matches, but despite this episode, he did not leave the international circuit.

Ovidiu Haśegan will be at the Santiago Bernabeu In the VAR roomReal Madrid’s clash with Shakhtar Donetsk from the third round of the Champions League group stage.

Big news for Ovidiu Haśegan! UEFA sent him to the Champions League against Real Madrid

Ovidiu Hațegan has been appointed by UEFA for the Real Madrid – Shakhtar Donetsk match in the Champions League, where he will serve as an assistant in the VAR room.

The center referee for this game will be Ivan Kruzliak from Slovenia, who will be assisted by Branislav Hanko and John Poser. The “main” in the VAR room is Italy’s Massimilliano Irrati.

After the first two stages of the Champions League group stage, Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk are at the top of the standings. The Spaniards lead with the maximum points with 6 points, followed by the Ukrainians with 4. Real Madrid won 3-0 against Celtic Glasgow and 2-0 against Leipzig. On the other hand, the “Miners” won 4-1 at the field of the Germans in Leipzig and drew 1-1 at home with the team of Scotland.

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The 42-year-old Romanian referee suffered a heart attack during training in late March. A doctor by profession, Ovidiu Haśegan, immediately knew something was wrong, so he decided to go to a hospital in Timisoara, where doctors fitted him with a stent.

OVDU’s return to Hasegan Field will take place in 2023, according to the announcement. Made by CCA President Kairos Vassaras.

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