Pentagon: Russian forces heading to Kiev, including large contingent of troops, “trapped”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told a Pentagon conference on Wednesday that Russian forces were “moving” toward the northern Ukrainian city of Kiev, which includes a large Russian military contingent. CNN.

Pentagon spokesman John KirbyPhoto: Nicholas Gum / AFP / Profimedia Images

“According to our best estimates, they have not made any significant progress in the last 24-36 hours,” Kirby said of the move of Russian troops to Kiev. “Nothing very important,” he added.

Kirby said the siege could be triggered by a number of factors, including “deliberately re-evaluating and re-evaluating the progress they have not made and how to make up for lost time”, “logistics and support challenges” and “resistance”. From the Ukrainians, “said Kirby.

In southern Ukraine, Russian forces “generally appear to be less resilient than in the north,” Kirby said.

The two largest cities in the south, Kherson and Mariupol, are still in dispute, Kirby said.

“Our assessment is that as we approach these two cities, we hope that the Russian military will face more resistance,” Kirby said.

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