“Powerful, just and democratic” / Chinese and Russian foreign ministers condemn Western sanctions on Russia

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced a “strong, just and democratic” world order with China during his first visit to the country since the invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday, AFP quoted Agerpres.

“We live at a very critical juncture in the history of international relations,” the Kremlin’s foreign minister said at the start of a bilateral meeting with his Chinese envoy to the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, Wang Yi.

“At the end of this phase, I firmly believe that the international situation will be much clearer and that we, along with you and our allies, will move towards a strong, just and democratic world order,” he told the Chinese minister.

For his part, Wang Yi said relations between China and Russia “have passed the test of international turmoil” and continue to grow steadily, quoted by Phoenix TV Reuters.

At a meeting of two officials quoted by Interpax and a report by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia and China agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the context of what Moscow calls “difficult international conditions”.

According to Interfox, cooperation involves strengthening foreign policy coordination and adopting a single voice on global issues.

At the same time, Chinese and Russian foreign ministers condemned the illegal and counter-Western sanctions imposed on Moscow for its actions in Ukraine, according to the Russian MFA report.

Beijing, which shares hostility with the United States over Moscow, has been refusing to condemn the Russian occupation of Ukraine since February 24, instead seeking to condemn Western sanctions against Russia.

In early March, Wang Yi welcomed Moscow’s friendship, saying it was too strong, and defended Russia’s “legitimate” security concerns.

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A few days before the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin was warmly welcomed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. The two countries later celebrated “infinite” friendship and condemned NATO’s “expansion”.

Sergei Lavrov is in China for a two-day meeting dedicated to Afghanistan, not to Ukraine, which will be attended by a US diplomat.

The meeting in Tunsi, in the eastern province of Anhui, unites seven countries bordering Afghanistan: Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

China’s official Xinhua news agency says the Taliban’s foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaki, is also expected to rule in Kabul.

At the same time, a meeting of the “consultation mechanism” on Afghanistan will be held with the participation of ambassadors from China, Russia, Pakistan and the United States, Beijing announced.

US State Department spokesman Tom West, Washington’s special envoy to Afghanistan, is scheduled to attend the meeting.

The meeting comes a week after the Chinese foreign minister visited Kabul for the first time since Islamic fundamentalists came to power in August last year.

China has the highest altitude of 76 km with Afghanistan.

China has long feared that its neighbor would become a base for the majority of Uyghur separatists and Islamists in its large northwestern Xinjiang region.

Photo source: Twitter / MFA Russia

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