Prince William’s secret romance on the verge of breaking up the royal couple? “They have horrible arguments in which they say very mean things to each other”


Trouble in Royal Paradise! The scandal press in the United Kingdom often talks about Prince William’s infidelities. A new book by royal family expert Tom Quinn backs up the rumours. In the volume, Quine writes that the harmony between the Cambridge nobles was nothing more than an appearance. William will have another secret romance in 2019 itself.

By Observer Editorial Board on 17.03.2023, 21:25

A new book about the royal family, published by a monarchy expert, appears to lend water to run-of-the-mill rumors that the much-loved royal couple won’t be sitting on roses. Since 2019, tabloids have been speculating that William might cheat on his wife. However, the major magazines did not pick up on this information.

Prince William’s secret romance is on the verge of splitting up the royal couple

“It’s not all milk and honey. They have terrible arguments where they say really mean things to each other. Kate can seem like a very calm person, and so can William. But that’s not always true.”

A former member of the Royal Household has admitted that she often heard Prince William refer to Catherine as “the Doolittle Duchess”. The nickname reportedly came after Kate was criticized by the late Queen for not having a career before the two married in 2011.

Royals aren’t very good at communicating with each other, so this is a way around the problem. Nicknames are a way to defuse family tension, says a British royal insider.

Prince Harry talks about the fact that the two Dukes of Cambridge have always been protected by the royal family in the series “Harry and Meghan”. He accused them of lying to distance them from the slanderous media. Ross Hanbury, a family friend, is said to be the Prince’s secret lover. Also, it would please the new Queen Camilla.

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The Dukes of Cambridge have never commented on the rumours. However, this year, in February, several voices claimed that the Duke of Cambridge spent Valentine’s Day in the company of his mistress, not his wife. Today, the two participated together in a parade dedicated to Saint Patrick.

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