Putin wants to kill us all / Kicked out of Russia, Wagner puts pressure on border between Poland and Belarus / US pays more money to Ukraine

Update – America and NATO are running out of ammo

The United States and Europe are struggling to supply Ukraine with the large quantities of ammunition it needs for a sustained counteroffensive against Russia, and Western officials are rushing to ramp up production to avoid battlefield shortages that could hamper Ukraine’s progress.

The dwindling supply of artillery ammunition is a wake-up call for NATO, U.S. and Western officials told CNN, because the alliance is not adequately prepared for the possibility of a prolonged ground war in Europe after eight decades.

UPDATE – Ukraine Defense Minister: Foreign military bases should be allowed to operate in Ukraine

The constitution should be amended to allow foreign military bases to operate in Ukraine, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov wrote in a July 17 column for Liga.net.

UPDATE- Poland moves troops to eastern border as Wagner convoys enter Belarus

Two Polish regiments have been moved from the west of the country to locations near the border with Belarus, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Pulaszak said on July 18.

Update – Warsaw: Wagner can operate between Poland and Belarus

“The presence of Wagner troops in Belarus is a situation confirmed by the Belarusian regime.” Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau was commissioned by the Papanicolau Institute today in New York. Zbigniew outlined a possible scenario in which the Wagner mercenary group would be used to increase pressure on the Polish-Belarusian border. The Polish government recently decided to send 500 police officers to the Belarusian border to supplement the 5,000 border guards and 2,000 soldiers already there.

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Update – Zelensky: Putin wants to kill us all

“Putin decided to kill all of us. Everyone who did not agree with President Putin’s absolutely fascist ideology. This was said by the President of Ukraine in an interview given to an African media. According to the President, Ukrainians are fighting for the right to be human, but Putin’s desire is to grant a slave existence, although he does not understand that this is impossible. Putin understands only power. Zelensky said that the courage of the aggressor is based on the weapons he has and the millions of people who are forced to fight. stressed the President. The Ukrainian President continued: “We went to Busia. Mass graves. People were handcuffed to their feet, violent deaths, torture. Who is willing to talk to this maniac? Putin’s hands are bloody up to the elbows”.

UPDATE – KYIV: Russian bombs in Kubyansk district, one killed

A man was killed and a woman wounded in a shelling attack by the Russian Armed Forces in the Kubiansk district of the Kharkiv region. Mikola Luka┼čuk, head of the State Agency for Regional Development, wrote this in Telegram. “Following the explosion in Dvorychna, Kubiansk district, a 72-year-old man died and a 65-year-old woman suffered shrapnel wounds to her neck and chest. The woman is currently hospitalized and receiving all necessary medical treatment,” Lukasuk said.

Update – USA: More reserves in Kiev

Ukraine has “significant” reserves that have yet to commit to a slow-moving counteroffensive against Russian troops. This was stated by General Mark Milley, a senior officer of the US Army. Forces in Kiev face strong Russian positions that include complex minefields, tank barriers, barbed wire and trenches, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told reporters when asked if a counterattack had been prevented. He said that Ukraine “has a considerable amount of unstable combat power”.

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Media Update: Another $1.3 billion in military aid from the United States to Kiev

The United States will announce a new military aid package worth $1.3 billion to Kiev, Reuters reported on its website, citing two U.S. officials. The United States will use the funds in the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) program.

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