Rishi Sunak warns that Britain is at a crossroads ahead of the general election

Speaking ahead of national elections expected later this year – although the date has not yet been set – Sunak will argue that he is the best person to deal with these threats.

He will say, according to a preview of his speech: “I feel a deep sense of urgency for a lot to change in the next five years compared to the past 30 years.” Quote By Sky News.

He added: “I am convinced that the next few years will be among the most dangerous and transformative years our country has ever known.”

Downing Street described the comments as an “important speech”, but did not provide details of the specific proposals when contacted by CNBC.

Assistants Tell The Guardian reported that Sunak had wanted to give the speech for some time. However, the comments have gained new urgency with the incumbent’s political future hanging in the balance following the Conservatives’ dismal performance in local elections earlier this month, as well as the local elections. Series of splits By Conservative MPs from the opposition Labor Party.

Present Polls It put Labor at least 30 points ahead of the Conservatives 64 Conservative MPs They said they would step down at the general election.

Labor has said the Conservatives cannot solve the UK’s problems because “they are the problem”.

But Sunak, who has set tackling illegal immigration and harnessing the prospects of artificial intelligence as key principles of his premiership, will insist he can move the country forward.

He will say: “Our country stands at a crossroads.” “Over the next few years, from our democracy to our economy to our society — to the most difficult questions of war and peace — nearly every aspect of our lives will change.”

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“I have bold ideas that can change our society for the better, and restore people’s trust and pride in our country.”

It is not clear exactly when the British will go to the polls, but Sunak indicated that voting could be called in the elections autumn. By law, the next UK general election must be held no later than 28 January 2025.

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