Video | Unseen on TV! Gigi Begaly threw her phone live and soon the €450 cap was gone

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13.05.2024, 09:58

  • Superliga: Farul – Greyoa UniversityMonday, 20:30, DGS 1

  • Premier League: Aston Villa – LiverpoolMonday, 22:00, DGS 2

Gigi Begali (65 years old) participated in the competition on the national stage FCSB – CFR Cluj 0-1After that the Red-Blues won the Champions Cup and medals, and eventually Bucharest’s host DG Sport was invited to the set.

FCSB – Gigi Begali Throws Her Phone and Hat Live After CFR Clue

Champion’s financier Talked about transfer What he wants to achieve in the next mercato period is, Paid some policies, but he also performed. At one point, Beckley took the phone out of his pocket and threw it on the ground. Later, he took off his “fancy” hat and accessories In the amount of 450 Euros It in turn reached the ground.

  • It’s a hat made by Ferragamo, an Italian brand that sells shoes, bags and other accessories at a substantial price.

The footage was not caught by TV cameras, but was posted on Digi Sport creator Dan Filotti’s TikTok account and quickly went viral. They collected almost 200 thousand views, thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in a few hours.

@dan.filoti I took him with the hat and his phone flew away.#digisport #Gigi Begali #NarcisRadugan #raulrusescu #fyp #viral video #viraltiktok #fcsb #Fun #funnymoments @Narcis Raducan #digisport special ♬ Original Sound – Don Filotti

On the show, hosted by Dan Filotti, Gigi Beckley revealed the conversation he had with his wife Luminida that got him back on the field.

That’s what I said… When my wife went, she said, ‘Okay, I don’t want to go, if I go, I will do something right away.’ He says, ‘No sir, think about it, you are getting old, you don’t know what’s going on’.

Well, when I go ‘Luminita, Luminida in my mind, so I don’t do anything. It is impossible for me to do nothing, some pride, some arrogance’. Don’t you see? I didn’t clean myself up after Rapidul beat us 4-0. That was the moment I realized that God had given me a lesson“, Gigi Begali said.

Photo from FCSB party

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