Romania’s reaction to reports that Russia intends to attack Moldova in the coming months. What Bogdan Aurescu Says

The Romanian Foreign Minister commented on the intelligence chief’s reports in Chisinau that Russia intends to invade the Republic of Moldova in early 2023.

Bogdan Orescu announced that he had no information that Russia was planning to attack the Republic of Moldova, and noted that, if necessary, officials in Bucharest would discuss measures to be taken in the event of a possible attack.

“At this moment we do not assess, I have no information about the dangers against the Republic of Moldova. We see that Russia’s war against the neighboring state is not successful and that Russia is on the defensive,” Orescu said. PRO TV Chisinau.

The Romanian Foreign Minister firmly believes that there is no danger for the Republic of Moldova at this time.

“If necessary, we will discuss the measures to be taken. Romania will always be by Moldova’s side when necessary. We will find the necessary solutions to face all the challenges that the Republic of Moldova faces at this moment or in the future,” he added.

Alexandru Mustaida, head of the Intelligence and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova, said in an interview for TVR Moldova. Russia plans to invade the Republic of Moldova At the beginning of 2023, and the implementation of the scenario depends on the development of the war in Ukraine.

Later, SIS sent out a press release in which it detailed the company director’s statements.

“In the context of the reports of Mr. Alexandru Musteda, Director of SIS for TVR Moldova, on the main threats to national security, including the analysis of several scenarios where the Russian Federation is attempting a land invasion through the north of Ukraine, towards the Republic. The goal of the Russian Federation to create a land corridor to the Transnistrian region of Moldova remains today. We note that the director of SIS has indicated that a new offensive of the Russian Federation in this direction may take place in 2023. , their implementation depends on the development of the war in Ukraine,” the Intelligence and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova sent.

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