Rivian stock appeared at Amazon EV truck delivery in Germany

Rivian’s Amazon delivery trucks are pouring into Deutschland, taking their inventory for a joy ride. company announce that More than 300 The electric trucks will be delivered to a number of German cities, including Munich and Berlin, and Dusseldorf. the news, Besides its promising results for the second quarter, Make the stock price explode More than 14% on Monday (July 3). Today (July 5th), the arrow up 3.9% in pre-market trading.

The electric car maker’s November 2021 public debut was one for the books, When you are get over it General Motors and Ford in market value. But since reaching that early peak, the stock has fallen, losing about 90% of its November 2021 value. Crevian Repeatedly Failed to meet expectations Because of production obstacles and other supply chain issues. Last month, it was Rivian I dropped it Nasdaq 100 Due to its decreasing value over the months of silent gains.

However, analysts firmly believe that Rivian is on the verge of becoming One of the main players over the next decade, along with the likes of electric car makers fisker f Lucid. according Ro Jordan Levy, analyst at Trust SecuritiesMaking Amazon deliveries not only helps Rivian On the brand recognition front, but also in compiling data through deliverables that can inform the company Programming.

Charted: The ups and downs of Rivian stock in the past year

Amazon Rivian and other orders by the numbers

100,000: Vans ordered Amazon—Rivian’s largest shareholder and largest customer—to deliver it by the end of the decade

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3000: Rivian Amazon Trucks has already been deployed to cities across the United States

10000: How many trucks Rivian said it would deliver to Amazon by the end of last year, but then fell short of the target

13992: Production of Rivian at its Normal, Illinois plant ended in the June 2023 quarter, which topped Wall Street estimates that were closer to 11,000.

12640: Rivian vehicles delivered to customers during the second quarter, compared to 4,401 in the same quarter of 2022

50,000: Vehicle maker Rivian doubled production this year, doubling production from last year

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