Russia has banned Facebook and Instagram, ruining the industry as a whole

Within itதும்பிYesterday, Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor blocked access to Instagram, arguing that anti-R messages were widespread on the social media site.ComplexWar and violence against Russian soldiers in Ukraine. And the news was received with frustration by the influential people who earn their living by posting on this site. In particular, by 2020 the Instagram Market Influencer marketing in Russia was somewhere around $ 140 million. Mostly money paid into the Russian economy by foreign companies. It’s only Instagram. Russia also banned Facebook this month, which, in addition to being influential, is also the host of hundreds of thousands of small businesses of all kinds, groups and other types of communications.

Last week an Instagram user was digitally murdered after posting a tearful Malka video D.In it she said that from Monday all of her income would evaporate and all her work would go into the water on Saturday. Netizens severely punished her for her lack of open remorse.

She has little concern for the thousands of people who will die in the war, including her own people. Obviously, his biggest concern right now is that he can’t publish pictures of what he’s eating. “

The other influencers were so cute and poseD.A poseComplex A farewell message and definitely a trigger for those who follow them on other sites like Telegram or VKontakte (which is the Russian equivalent of Facebook). It is not possible to say exactly how much money the Russian economy will lose as a result of these social media restrictions, but estimates put the figure at more than half a billion dollars a year.

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Now you can say, “But Hashule, influencers, I entertain on the web and post all day, now do not cry for pity.” But the money that influencers make in the economy also goes into the salaries of cashiers, vendors or service providers. Also, they hire others, they have businesses, loans, families. Also, influencers are like actors or singers. They provide entertainment and hobbies through their work. Like actors, singers or TV personalities, they should have the right to work, and banning Instagram and Facebook will leave many without income. During this period they will join the Russian unemployed working in banking, trade and almost any other sector.

In a way, this is completely normal. When war breaks out, the first thing that evaporates is luxury and desire. But not all influencers promote luxury and extravagance. Some people talk about parenting, some people talk about cooking, some people have fun. And the voices of these people who were admired and watched by millions were removed and during this period two more bars were added to the pressure cooker called Russia. I hope this hits Putin in the face. I refer to the metaphor pot under pressure, not to understand that I am emphasizing violence against Russian soldiers… maybe they have banned me in Russia.

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