Russians protesting Putin were caught with the help of artificial intelligence. This system uses American algorithms

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Russians protesting Putin were caught with the help of artificial intelligence.

Russians who dare to criticize Putin and go to protests are caught with the help of artificial intelligence. Moscow surveillance cameras are linked to an advanced facial recognition scheme. The program automatically identifies targeted individuals and notifies the police. The system is developed with the help of American algorithms and uses American chips.

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Hundreds of Russian protesters who have come out against the war and Vladimir Putin have been detained using facial recognition programs used by Moscow’s surveillance cameras.

One of them This is Alexander Zharov was stopped by the police at a metro station and taken to the police station. He participated in the protest along with thousands of people. He later found out that he was identified with the help of advanced technology.

Alexander Zharov, Russian dissident: The government acquired a new tool of repression. It can be used to detain dissidents, intimidate protesters, or warrantless pre-trial detention. After leaving prison, I realized that Russia is becoming a kind of branch of Xinjiang, where digital technologies become puppets in the hands of a dictator.

The same thing happened to Serge Pinci, who was arrested for protesting against Putin and fled to the United States.

Sergei Pinchuk, Russian protester: I noticed, then cWhen they interrogated me in custody, they were looking at a tablet with many of my pictures on it. In Russia, we are taught to live like this. This is how we lived with Big Brother even during the Soviet Union.

Moscow has at least 160,000 cameras are connected to artificial intelligence capable of identifying the people filmed. The technology was integrated into the surveillance system in the Russian capital in 2017. In 2020, a court ruled that the right to private life had not been violated.. This scheme, used by the capital of Russia, FBy companies from Belarus and Russia, it is based on an American algorithm. One of the companies was even offered by the US. The system runs on chips made by Nvidia and Intel, although there is no evidence that either of these companies violated the sanctions.

Author: Liviu Kojan

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