Russia’s former presidential adviser says Putin’s strange smell

Fiona Hill, Russia’s adviser to former US President Donald Trump, described how it was like sitting next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at dinner and the unusual smell it gave off.

Hill described his experience on the show Desert Island Discs by BBC Sounds. He met with Vladimir Putin several times and said that he was a short distance from the Russian president at the dinner and was able to observe some strange things in his behavior. Business Insider.

“I noticed his neatly designed clothes. A small vein on the left side of his face was constantly throbbing.”Hill said on May 8th.

Fiona Hill noticed what Putin was wearing “The most expensive watch” He also praised the fact that he needed glasses because he used cards written in large letters.

“I could read them all. There were some names on the cards, I had to say things like that.She remembered.

Hill also referred to Putin “He did not eat or drink anything.” During meals.

But the Russian leader himself married it more.

“I knew it would be weird, but it smelled like freshly washed. He had not encountered any cologne, but he felt like he was coming straight out of the bathroom.Said Hill.

Fiona Hill Photo: Profimedia Images

A former adviser to President Trump said Putin had portrayed a dictatorial image and wanted to show that he was in control of everything. “He drives” Wherever it is. During dinner, Putin spoke very sparingly and did not want to speak “He looked at her”.

Hill was known as Russia’s adviser during the Trump administration. In recent months, he has repeatedly discussed the former president’s relationship with Putin.

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In November, Hill became jealous of Trump’s Putin because he wanted to lead the United States “as he pleased.” In April, Hill said that in “political practice” Trump began to resemble Putin when he was president.

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