Scene: Mysterious Fires and Explosions in Russia, Notes on Special Missions

Mysterious fires and explosions at key locations in Russia are signs of specific missions for special operations units that the Americans excel at. Both Russian dissidents and Ukrainian commandos appear to be responsible.

For months, he writes, important targets in Russia have been hit by fires and mysterious explosions Business Insider.

The incidents have few clear explanations, but appear to have affected narrower targets. Some may be the work of anti-Putin Russians; Others appear to have been carried out by military special operations forces.

The war in Ukraine did not go well for the Russian military. This month, in just a few days, Ukrainian forces managed to liberate more territory than the Russian army captured in more than six months of war.

But the Russian military’s struggles are not limited to Ukraine’s borders. For months, Landmarks and critical facilities across Russia have been affected by mysterious fires and explosionsRecommends a sabotage campaign bearing the hallmarks of special operations forces.

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Russia borders Georgia

Dozens of mysterious fires and explosions across Russia

In May, as the Russian military prepared to launch a new offensive in Ukraine’s Donbas region, a series of mysterious fires and explosions struck military outposts, recruitment centers and defense industrial complexes across Russia. Dozens of incidents at facilities across Russia without apparent explanation.

Targets include oil refineries, munitions production and storage facilities, aerospace and defense companies, and communications infrastructure. The attacks appear to be part of an effort to undermine the Russian military’s offensive capabilities.

For example, in May, Russian authorities caught two young Russian men throwing Molotov cocktails at a military commissary — actually a recruiting station. Dozens of police stations have been attacked in Russia this year, and some Russians, particularly those who might be drafted into the military, say they oppose the war.

But the attacks appear to have focused on a narrower set of targets, and the incidents are often linked to what military special operations units must carry out as part of unconventional warfare.

Unconventional warfare and special operations are capabilities in which the US excels

Unconventional warfare is the U.S. The special operations community is a talent pool of excellence, with decades of experience running it and training others who want to do the same.

Since the U.S. military is not directly involved in the fighting in Ukraine, the source of the attacks could be Ukrainian commandos or Russian dissidents — or a combination of the two.

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Such a campaign Gorilla Russia’s continued failure in Ukraine could gain momentum and take many forms, a Green Beret fighter assigned to the National Guard told Insider.

“At first, it may look like a disruption campaign like we saw with the trains in Belarus. Targeting supply lines and other soft targets is always on the list,” said the Green Beret, who was not authorized to speak to the media.

“Next on the list would be even bigger targets like attacks on convoys or military bases or command and control centers and headquarters,” the Green Beret official added.

The Green Berets played a key role in training the Ukrainian army

After 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea and occupied Donbas, US Special Operations Command stepped up training, assistance and advice to Ukrainian forces.

The Green Berets of Special Forces Group 10, which has Europe as its area of ​​operations, played a key role in training the Ukrainian special operations community.

The effectiveness of American instructions is now visible to the whole world through the actions taken by the Ukrainian military.

Some of these operations appear to have struck inside Russian territory, including one Attack on warehouse Russia blamed the fuel on Belgorod in April and Ukrainian helicopter and missile attacks on Russian bases in Crimea in August.

“But ultimately, a guerrilla campaign must adapt to the security measures that the Russian military and security services are expected to respond to attacks,” Beretta told Verde Insider.

While many Russians have already expressed opposition or dismay to President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, the Green Beret said the most difficult part of such a guerrilla campaign for Ukraine would be winning over the Russian people.

“Many Russians are fiercely patriotic, Putin has used war very cleverly to win over the average Russian,” and an unconventional war campaign against a hostile population is “extremely difficult to capture,” the Green Beret added.

An excerpt from the article:

War in Ukraine, day 216. Tensions rise in Russia after mobilization order. People continue to protest


Current news

Russian men continue to leave for fear of being annexed. Some choose to cross the border into Georgia on foot

Tensions are rising in Russia following Putin’s mobilization order last week. Street fighting broke out in the Republic of Dagestan as Russians fleeing the mobilization began crossing the border into Georgia.


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Ukraine has reportedly captured a Russian soldier linked to the Busia atrocities

The Ukrainian Security Service says a Russian soldier captured during fighting in the Kherson region this month is linked to March atrocities in Bucea, near Kyiv, according to CNN.

Russian ruble

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Russia wants to use digital ruble in bilateral transactions with China

Russia intends to use the digital ruble in bilateral transactions with China in order to reduce the dominance of the United States in the global financial market, Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma’s finance commission, said on Monday.

Moscow Stock Exchange

Economic news

The Moscow stock market fell sharply on Monday. It was at its lowest level since the invasion of Ukraine

Stocks fell sharply on the Moscow stock market on Monday, hitting their lowest level since Feb. 24, the day Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, CNBC reported.


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Oil prices have hit a nine-month low

Oil prices hit a nine-month low on Monday in trading pressured by a stronger dollar as market participants awaited details on new sanctions against Russia, Reuters reported.

FSB arrest

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the lion

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Rescued lions from Ukraine will have a new home. Animals that were initially brought to Romania would come to the Americas and Africa

Lions rescued from Ukraine and kept in zoos in Romania for months are leaving for their new homes.

Victor Orban

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Viktor Orban attacks the EU again: “Europeans have become poorer, while Russia has not fallen on its knees”

Viktor Orbán has again criticized Brussels, saying sanctions against Russia have shot Europe in the foot, while Europeans have become poorer and the Kremlin “doesn’t kneel”.

Russia and Kazakhstan

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Kazakh president vows his country will protect Russians fleeing Russia for fear of mobilisation

The Kazakh president pledged on Tuesday that his country would protect Russians fleeing to Kazakhstan to escape Russia’s ongoing military mobilization to send reinforcements to Ukraine.


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Russian visits to Georgia have nearly doubled since Putin’s mobilization in Ukraine

Arrivals of Russians to Georgia have doubled to nearly 10,000 a day since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that he was mobilizing on his offensive in Ukraine, the Georgian Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.

Russia wants to bring back the death penalty.  Medvedev: It's time to close embassies, we'll see each other only through peepholes

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Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

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Russia will open a recruitment center on Georgia’s border

Russia will open a recruitment center at the Verhnii Lars border crossing in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the only such post between Russia and Georgia.


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Kremlin declares annexation “referendum” in Ukraine will have “consequences” on security of annexed territories

The Kremlin announced on Tuesday that annexation “referendums” to be concluded in four Ukrainian regions on Tuesday would have profound “repercussions” in these regions, particularly in the security sector.

Referendum Russia

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Last day of Russian “referendum” on annexation of separatist regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia

Russia on Tuesday held annexation referendums in four regions under its total or partial control in Ukraine, angering Kiev and the West, which has threatened a strong response if annexed.

Vladimir Putin

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Putin’s statements on the last day of the merger vote. Russia wants to “save the population” of the occupied territories

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Tuesday that annexation referendums organized by Moscow in the four Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia were aimed at “saving the population” living in the regions.


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New Russian soldiers are sent to the front without drugs and tourniquets. It is advised to use absorbent pads in case of injury

The last day of the so-called referendum held by Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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