Security alert at President Joe Biden’s holiday home

The Biden couple were evicted from a beach vacation home on SaturdayOn a private plane, he accidentally entered the air above the house where US President Joe Biden spent his weekend.

The president and his wife, Jill, were briefly evicted from their home in Rehoboth, about 200 miles (200 km) east of Washington.

The move is taken as a precautionary measure and the presidential couple are safe.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the plane was “taken away” from restricted airspace, where it “accidentally entered” the security area. The company said it was investigating the pilot, who was not on the appropriate radio channel and did not follow flight instructions, according to a preliminary investigation. ABC News.

As is the usual practice for presidential trips outside of Washington, the Federal Aviation Administration announced flight restrictions earlier this week. Restrictions include a no-fly zone within a 16km radius. According to federal regulations pilots must check the restrictions on their aircraft before departure. However, accidental air breaches are common, especially in areas with temporary restrictions.

US military planes and Coast Guard helicopters are used to intercept any aircraft that violate air traffic control around the president. Intercepted planes are diverted to the nearest airport, where groups are interviewed by law enforcement and potential criminal or civil sanctions occur.

Author: Luana Pavaluca

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