Stoltenberg, after failed talks between Kosovo and Serbia: NATO forces ready

Peacekeeping responsibility KosovoThe NATO-led KFOR mission has been suspended, Jens Stoltenberg announced, following the failure of talks between Pristina and Belgrade over car registration numbers.

“We are disappointed that the license plate dispute cannot be resolved. It is time for accountability and practical decisions. Escalation must be avoided. NATO’s KFOR forces are ready.”NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after a phone conversation with EU diplomatic chief Joseph Borrell.

On Monday, November 21, during negotiations mediated by the European Union, Serbia and Kosovo failed to reach an agreement on the license plate dispute, according to reports. European Pravda.

Joseph Borrell warned that the situation in Kosovo could escalate if the talks fail and urged all parties to avoid this.

Starting November 21, Pristina authorities have decided to fine Kosovo Serbs for driving cars without Kosovo license plates.

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Jens Stoltenberg

The request to re-register cars in Kosovo has been delayed for years due to opposition from Kosovar Serbs, but now Pristina has decided not to make any concessions on the issue.

In response, Kosovo Serbs began withdrawing from local authorities and the police, and threatened protests immediately after the first fine was issued.

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