Subsequent viewers explained to Morbius and the MCU

Morbius Two scenes for credits, one for each year the movie is delayed! And these two scenes are totally crazy and arguably more important – for better and worse – than the movie itself.

Morbius spoilers below!

The two scenes are medium-sized scenes – one starts when the movie ends and the other soon after. Both scenes are connected and sequential.

The first credit scene of Morbius shows the purple time rift seen in Spider-Man: There is no room for home. In this movie, Doctor Strange has to put the world back together to prevent the multiverse from collapsing on itself. Violet slits in the sky symbolize the fracture of the multiverse, and with this credits scene, the implication is that Morbius (Jared Leto) and his world (which includes Venom and Carnage) are one of the bleeding-threatening parallel dimensions in Strange’s and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) .

Instead of moving Morbius or anyone like him into this timeline, a visitor from Strange’s comes to Morbius. It’s Adrian Toomes (played by Michael Keaton) aka Vulture, the villain from Spider-Man: Homecoming. He appears in a prison cell, teleported from his own dimension as he serves a sentence for, among several crimes, the hijacking of Tony Stark’s plane. But since Toms had not been convicted of any crimes in Morbius’ world, he was acquitted and released.

The second scene captures where the first leaves, and shows Morbius’ meeting with Toomes free. The Vulture wants to recruit a living vampire into some kind of super villain. Morbius did not answer in any way before the scene turned black. I’m not entirely convinced that Morbius will join him since his movie positions him as more of an anti-hero than a super-villain.

Morbius credits scenes, especially those considered alongside those associated with the endings Spider-Man: There is no room for home And the Poison: Let there be a massacreFind out the probability of these heroes and villains eventually colliding with each other, with the final randomization scenario being any of these characters being associated with Spider-Man (Tom Holland). And a brief moment at the end There is no place for home It looked as if Tom Hardy’s Venom would finally come face-to-face with Holland’s Spidey, before the movie went on again, and the MCU’s Venom flashed easily like a hijacker.

All of this stuff bumping into the universe is a big deal because it’s how Marvel and Sony handle the movie rights to different characters. Sony owns the rights to the Spider-Man movie and the characters in Spider-Verse, but has since owned it Spider-Man: Homecoming, in collaboration with Marvel to allow Dutch Peter Parker to join the MCU. Meanwhile, Sony has worked independently on films such as poisonAnd the poisonsequel and Currently Morbius. Fans are waiting to see if and when these Sony characters will intertwine with Spider-Man and possibly other Marvel characters.

Perhaps this inconvenience and earlier disappointment is why I’m a little skeptical about Toms’ adherence to Morbius. Getting hopes up about the Keaton Eagle and Leto Morbius as a team or clashing with each other might be premature given that all of that could be undone with another credits scene. However, with this cannon inscription (which was teasing him in one of them Trailers), can’t help but feel a bit that the credits scene and a potential sequel are more important than anything that just happened Morbius.

We can get our answer on Morbius and Vulture and their future together soon. We’ll know for sure if a file Morbius A sequel has been announced, but we may hear more sooner if we continue with the next credits scene regarding one of Spider-Man’s friends.

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