‘Suits’ Tops Nielsen’s Top 10 After Debuting Netflix, ‘The Bear’ At No. 5 – Variety

Hours of nostalgia and comfort always have a place in Nielsen’s weekly broadcast ratings, with shows like “NCIS” and “Gilmore Girls” regularly competing with hit new series. During the June 19-25 viewing window, one new favorite took the top spot: “Suits,” the USA Network’s legal drama that wrapped in 2019 and recently arrived on Netflix.

“Suits” was watched for 2.3 billion minutes during that viewing period, which was the first full week the series was available on Netflix – although it should be noted that “Suits” was already available on Peacock, and that statistic refers to viewership across both streams. This is the first time in nearly four months that the title has surpassed 2 billion minutes on the Nielsen Streaming Top 10, and the most recent winner of that milestone was “The Night Agent” with 3.1 billion minutes watched from March 27 to April 2. And this happens less with titles sourced from other networks, rather than with streaming originals – “Manifest” was the last with 2.5 billion minutes watched from June 21-27 of 2021.

Also notable from this week’s streaming ratings is “The Bear” series’ fifth premiere after its second season debuted on Hulu. As a half-hour episode series (with a few exceptions), it’s hard to compete with dramas with longer running times, but the popular drama was watched for 853 million minutes during that viewing window.

Second place went to Black Mirror, which Suits started after debuting the previous week, when its sixth season debuted. The series garnered a still-impressive 1.5 billion minutes watched in the first full week of Season 6 availability, up from the previous week’s 1.3 billion minutes.

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“SWAT” had its sixth consecutive week in the Nielsen Top 10, debuting after CBS canceled the drama and then reversed the decision and renewed for a seventh and final season. “SWAT” was watched for just over 1 billion minutes from June 19-25. In fourth place was “Extraction 2,” the sequel to the Chris Hemsworth-led 2020 movie “Extraction,” which was also watched at just over a billion minutes.

“Grey’s Anatomy” finished sixth with 772 million viewership, after season 19 was added to Netflix. Seventh and eighth place goes to Nielsen’s Top 10 regulars “Bluey” (770 million) and “NCIS” (710 million).

“Avatar: The Way of Water” had its third consecutive week on the chart after premiering on Disney+ and Max after its theatrical debut in November. From June 19 to 25, the movie was watched for 671 million minutes.

At the bottom of the overall chart was “Manifest”. In the third week of full availability, the series’ fourth and final season was watched for 658 million minutes.

See Nielsen’s list of streaming aggregate rankings for June 19-25 first, followed by streaming original titles, earned titles and then movies.

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