The Department of Transportation begins an investigation into a Delta plane stranded on the tarmac in the sweltering heat

The Department of Transportation (DOT) launched an investigation after a Delta plane sat on the tarmac at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas for several hours on Monday before canceling the flight, according to The Guardian. Reuters.

Passengers reportedly sat on the plane, flying from Las Vegas to Atlanta, for hours in temperatures as high as 111 degrees, according to reports.

DOT officials have not confirmed the investigation, but said they are “looking into the conditions that led to uncomfortable temperatures inside the cabin,” KTNV 13 reportsABC News’ local affiliate in Las Vegas.

Reportedly, paramedics wheeled several people off the plane Fox Business. In addition, many flight attendants were also said to have contracted the disease, but it was not confirmed how many people fell ill.

Delta said at least one passenger has sought treatment for a heat-related illness.

DOT officials told Channel 13 that airlines are required to ensure comfortable cabin temperatures during tarmac delays.

“I want to know how it was possible to leave passengers in triple-digit heat on a plane for so long,” US Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg told Reuters about the incident.

“Even at normal temperatures, the runway delay isn’t supposed to last that long, we have rules about that, and we’re actively enforcing them right now,” he added.

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