Sweden wins the Video Eurovision 2023 final. After winning in 2012, Lorraine won the grand prize for the second time / Where did the Republic of Moldova place?

Lorraine won the trophy for the second time in her career with 583 points at the Eurovision 2023 final in Liverpool on Saturday night. Republic of Moldova ranked 18th and Ukraine 6th. This is only the second time in the competition’s history that an artist has won the grand prize twice.

Loreen is Sweden’s representative at Eurovision 2023Photo: Oli SCARFF / AFP / Profimedia

After the jury’s scores were announced, Sweden’s candidate topped the list with 340 points, followed by Israel and Italy with 177 and 176 points respectively. After a public vote, the song “Tattoo” received enough points to win the competition and Sweden recorded a total of 583 points, followed by Finland in second place with 526 points and Israel in 3rd place with 362 points. Republic of Moldova took 18th place with 96 points and Ukraine 6th place with 243 points.

Lorin participated in Eurovision 2023 with the song Tattoo, and then won the grand prize. In 2012 he won the Eurovision final in Baku with the song Euphoria.

Lorraine and her Eurovision 2023 winning song – Tattoo

Lorraine won Eurovision for the second time. Who has achieved this result before?

Only till 2023 Johnny LoganIrish singer and songwriter, won the Eurovision Song Contest twice: in 1980 and 1987. Lorraine won the Eurovision final in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2012 with her song Euphoria, making her a Johnny Logan equivalent.

Euphoria, the song that brought Loreen a hit in 2012

Competing countries were Croatia, Republic of Moldova, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia, Norway, Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Armenia and Slovenia, Germany, France. Eurovision 2023 Final. , Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Ukraine.

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TVR broadcast the Eurovision 2023 final.

The BBC did not give the Republic of Moldova much of a chance in the Eurovision 2023 final, with Liverpool, Sweden and France the favourites.

The Republic of Moldova, represented by Pasha Barfeni with “The Sun and the Moon”, will qualify for the bottom half of the rankings. “Lyrically, it’s a wedding song interspersed with images of nature, symbolizing the harmony between two newlyweds. From a musical perspective, it’s like the producers of ‘Fast & Furious’ doubling down on the Eastern European nightclub scene”, commented the BBC ahead of the semi-final.

Who is Pasha Parfeni who qualified for Moldova in the Eurovision 2023 final?

Pavel Parfeny, better known by his stage name Pasha BarfeniBorn on May 30, 1986, Orhei, and was a member of the band Sunstroke Project.

On March 11, 2012, Pasha Parfeni represented the Republic of Moldova in Baku after winning the national selection for Eurovision 2012 with “Fiddler”, making this the second time the artist represented the Republic of Moldova at Eurovision.

Moldova’s best result at this competition was 3rd place in 2017 by the band Sunstroke Project, from which Parfeni’s 2010 hit “Hey, Mom!” He retired with singing.

This is Moldova’s highest performance in this European tournament.

Romania did not make it to the Eurovision 2023 final

The Eurovision Song Contest is the most important international music competition organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) – the largest European association of public broadcasters.

Romania did not qualify for the Eurovision 2023 final.

Romania’s best performances in this competition: twice third place (Luminina Angel & System – Kyiv, 2005; Paula Seling and Ovi – Oslo, 2010) and once fourth place (Mihai Tristariu – Athens, 2006).

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The Eurovision Song Contest has been held every year since 1956. The program is one of the longest-running and most-watched television programs in the world, and is broadcast in Europe as well as in Australia, Asia and the United States.

Romanian Television is the organizer of the national contest and has participated in Eurovision since 1993.

Eurovision 2023 is the 67th edition of the music contest. DVR broadcast the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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