Tensions flared between Russia and Kazakhstan. A “special measure” may be needed, the Russian ambassador said

For the second night in a row, the Ukrainian military successfully attacked a Russian military base with the help of high-precision missiles.

This time the strike targeted the town of Svyatov in Luhansk, where a hotel occupied by Chechen soldiers was destroyed.

At the same time, on Sunday evening, the US President spoke with his opponent from Kiev. And the Americans announced a new financial package worth more than $300 million.

It contains ammunition, equipment and support for Ukraine’s energy grid, which has been severely damaged by Russian bombing in recent weeks.

In the Luhansk region, a Himars missile leveled a hotel in the town of Swatov where mercenaries from the Wagner Division were staying.

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After the attack on the Chechen rescue center in Melitopol, the Ukrainian army bombed Russian military bases in the occupied territories for the second night in a row.

A very good time did not bode well for the Russian army, which was on the defensive along most of the front. Ukrainians say they are waiting for a freeze to continue liberating the country, and the Russians have yet to resolve problems with recruitment equipment.

Soldier: “(The recruits) have no medicine, they only have one tourniquet. Let one of you come in here. They have almost no protection, only two plates. Everything else is completely exposed. They have no other protection. No. Put on warm vests, these guys are cold. , they have to fulfill the objectives on the territory of Ukraine, which is very cold.”

In Odessa, Russian strikes along with Iranian drones left hundreds of thousands of locals without electricity. Selection, of necessity, is how people find ways to survive.

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Local: “Never mind, we charge our “energy banks” in the car. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Anything to avoid being under the Russians!”

Man: “Everybody in this district has an electric stove, the gas pipe doesn’t pass us by. It’s very difficult, we take pizza or something like that, we can’t cook anything.”

And, every day, there are new proofs of unity among Ukrainians.

Businessman: “We don’t divert anyone. People come here to charge their cell phones, boil water, put the stove on the sim to cook. We all try to survive. The owner of this place has stopped asking me rent. During this period, high rent. I use 35 liters of petrol every day, coming Helping everyone. No one thinks about profit anymore.”

Tensions are rising between Russia and Kazakhstan

As if the war in Ukraine wasn’t enough, tensions have risen in recent days between Russia and Moscow’s ally Kazakhstan. Recently, the Russian ambassador in Astana said that a special operation might be needed to get rid of the Kazakh Nazis. He got a stern reply from a local official.

Kazakh: “Listen, Borodovkin! Your ability to conduct operations has been destroyed. Your patron is Putin. For nine months you have been beating from brave Ukrainians. And I can tell you, God forbid you to come to us. Victory is easy. You will not have an easy victory. By the bodies of your recruits across the Kazakh steppe. will be dispersed.”

Meanwhile, footage also emerged of Kazakh trains carrying tanks and armored personnel carriers north to the Russian border.

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