The agony of a Russian armored car in front of Vuhledar, hit by Ukrainians three times in less than a minute

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An armored car of the Russian army was destroyed at Wuhleder. Gif captured by: Twitter/Ukraine Weapons Tracker

A video posted on social media shows the destruction of a Russian army tank at the already infamous crossing near Vuhledar, where the Russians have lost an impressive number of tanks and combat equipment in a failed offensive in recent days.

In the one-minute clip, the armored vehicle – a BMP-2 model infantry fighting vehicle – was hit three times before finally stopping. It was unclear whether the explosions were mines, anti-tank missiles or a combination of the two.

At the end of the footage captured by the surveillance drone, the top of the car can be seen ripped off by the explosions. No Russian soldiers exited or attempted to exit the destroyed armored vehicle.

On the Vuhledar front, Russia lost an entire regiment: this, more precisely, the 155th Marine Infantry Regiment, made up of the elite soldiers of Putin’s troops. This is already the third time that the Russians have lost this unit on the Ukrainian front, which has been rebuilt twice after the battles in Bucha and Donbass.

At Vuhledar, the Russians have lost hundreds of vehicles and dozens of tanks in recent weeks, including dozens of armored vehicles in a single day.

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