“The Cold War has officially begun.” Bokton Syriac: Zhelensky is not completely ready.

Political analyst Bogdan Chirieac spoke about the growing tensions in Ukraine and how President Volodymyr Zelenski is acting.

Political analyst Bogdan Chirieac was telephoned on Romanian television, where he spoke about the growing tense crisis in Ukraine, the actions of President Volodymy Zelenski and Vladimir Putin’s militant approach to the West:

“Vladimir Putin is the only one who can decide whether or not to invade Russia. I am afraid that at least 3-4 years ago Putin was not rational. It is very difficult for me to understand the leader of the Kremlin and, unfortunately, very unhappy. This is a problem throughout the house, including collisions with ballistic missiles. Putin has all sorts of witches, priests, etc., and makes decisions based on what he says. This is what worries me the most.

Looking for an excuse to think of invading. What I mean is: Sir, Ukraine wanted to attack and kill the Russian people in Donetsk and Lukansk. A mutation. You sell it to your Russian audience who consume it. The same thing happened in 2014. Will Kiev go to impose a Russian-backed government, as then-President Joe Biden says?

Volodymyr Zhelensky went to Munich, and the West told him to stay home, but if there was a plot in Kiev, he would tell You have fled the country. This actor who was voted in just like us was absolutely not ready for any political position, we voted for Cloudil Armand and many others and then we had no idea what to do with them. The Ukrainians voted the same way.Bogdan Chirieac said.

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“Cold War officially begins”

“This is extreme nationalist madness for the Russians and Ukrainians, on the other hand there is the West who do not know what to do because you do not have much to do when you have such leaders facing you.

Whether occupied or not, it is certain that the invasion will no longer be a subject, and the Cold War between the West and Russia has officially begun. It is not yet defined, but Russia is yet to become a democracy. Western-style democracy is impossible in Russia. That is not possible in the Muslim world either. Only the naive and the poorly trained believe that such a thing can be imposed.

But a democratic society is needed to keep the world at bay and play with nuclear missiles before letting anyone rule for 23 years. There is another legitimate problem, Russia is no longer a communist. When communism fell, that was what happened, they thought, not knowing what to do. No, Putin said it was not so. Sir, we did not miss the Cold War, 1991 was a ceasefire. Now is the time, in this weak system, with bad leadership in the United States, to fix thingsAnd in the temples of the Western world, including ours, it is ordered by handgun, “said Bokhton Siriak, a political analyst.

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