The main auxiliary army announced that it had taken control of the presidential palace, the army chief’s residence and at least three airports.

At least three people have been killed in a deadly clash between the Sudanese army and paramilitary forces in the capital Khartoum amid tensions over a proposed transition to civilian rule, according to reports. BBC.

The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) claimed to have captured at least three airports, the army chief’s residence and the presidential palace. The army, which has denied this, says its air force is attacking paramilitary bases. People try to take shelter from the fighting.

  • “Filming is still going on and people are indoors – there is a lot of panic and fear,” Ajoke Monibiok told the BBC through his sister in Kenya. The country’s doctors’ association said the deaths occurred during Saturday’s fighting, and the British and US embassies in the city warned their citizens to stay indoors. Sky News.

Residents were not expecting clashes, and many were stuck in traffic as bridges and roads were closed and many schools were locked down.

As Dua Tariq spoke to the BBC after a military plane flew over his building:

  • “They are firing live ammunition on the roof of the house next door and we are now taking cover,” he said.

US Ambassador John Godfrey said, “I awoke to the deeply disturbing sounds of gunfire and fighting. I am currently staying with the diplomatic corps, as are the Sudanese in Khartoum and elsewhere.” He urged senior military leaders to stop fighting.

Fighter planes were seen over the city. Saudia and Egyptian, two major state-owned airlines, suspended inbound and outbound flights until further notice. Black smoke billowed from heavy gunfire blanketing the capital as residents huddled in their homes and injured civilians began flooding into hospitals.

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The fighting that started early Saturday morning in southern Khartoum spread to other parts of the city. John Godfrey, the US ambassador to Sudan, said he and his embassy staff had taken shelter after hearing heavy gunfire in several areas.

The Russian embassy is also concerned about “escalating violence” and has called for a ceasefire, Reuters reported. Clashes were also reported on state television. RSF commander General Mohamed Hamdan Tagalo, also known as Hemeti, told Al-Jazeera that fighting would continue until all military bases were captured.

He said army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan was a “criminal” and would either be killed or “face justice”. Earlier, RSF said one of its camps in southern Khartoum had been attacked. The army claimed that RSF soldiers tried to capture the army headquarters.

  • “Fighters from the Rapid Support Force attacked several army camps in Khartoum and other parts of Sudan (…) The clashes are ongoing and the army is fulfilling its duty to protect the country,” said army spokesman Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah. , quoted by AFP news agency.

Reuters news agency also cited witnesses who said the shooting took place in the northern city of Mero. The RSF stationed troops near the base as tensions escalated on Thursday.

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