The most serious losses of Russia and the negative milestone achieved by the Red Army / How much Ukrainian equipment was destroyed in the war

In the year-and-two-month war in Ukraine, the Russian military has lost more than 10,000 pieces of military equipment, according to Oryx experts, which tracks losses on both sides, according to the independent publication. The Moscow Times. The Ukrainian army would have lost three times less.

A Russian tank was destroyed on the battlefield in the Kherson regionPhoto: Celestino Arce/NurPhoto / Shutterstock Editorial / Profimedia

Oryx only counts losses documented through photographs or video footage, so the actual amount of material losses suffered by Russia since February 24, 2022, when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine, may be higher.

Almost two-thirds of the Russian equipment was destroyed by the Ukrainian military, and more than a quarter was gifted by the Russians when Kiev hurriedly withdrew from the recaptured territories last year.

Thus, many tanks, carriers, missile systems, communication systems left behind by the Russian forces are being used by Ukrainian engineers to repair weapons used against the Red Army.

Oryx classifies the losses into four groups, which in the case of Russia are distributed:

  • Destroyed – 6,477;
  • damaged – 304;
  • Abandoned – 394;
  • Captured – 2,834

The most significant losses were infantry fighting vehicles (2,286) and tanks (1,928), including 60 modern T-90 tanks (18 of which were the latest model T-90M).

Heavy defeat from Wuhleder

Among the failures of the Russian army, there are nine reckless attempts to cross the Seversky Donetsk River in May 2022, which resulted in the loss of about 80 armored vehicles and more than 400 people.

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The loss of nearly 100 tanks in 100 hours during the Ukrainian counteroffensive at Kharkiv in September and the failed Wuhleder offensive in February 2023 are on the same list.

At Vuhledar, Colonel-General Rustam Muradov bombarded the army with mines and artillery fire, losing 103 vehicles, including two elite naval fleets and 36 tanks, according to Oryx estimates.

In early April, Putin dismissed Muradov as commander of the Eastern Military District and removed him from command of troops fighting in Ukraine.

The inability to fight effectively is demonstrated not only by commanders, but also by frontline commanders, who lost 240 vehicles that served as command posts and communication stations.

At the beginning of the war, Ukrainian troops neutralized Russian aircraft, foiled a landing at Kostomel near Kiev, destroyed a dozen helicopters at an airfield near Kherson and effectively used air defense.

Russia, attacked from within

In December, drones attacked the Engels-1 airfield in the Saratov region, where two strategic bombers, a Tu-22M3 and a Tu-95MS, were damaged on the ground, Oryx reported.

The bombs were later moved from the air force base to an unknown location.

In total, Russia lost 79 aircraft and 81 helicopters, Oryx said.

Although Ukraine was not involved in naval combat in the early days of the war, it managed to destroy eight Russian warships and damage four others.

The most important “victim” of the Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moskva, was lost to a Ukrainian Neptune missile strike, according to Kiev, but Russia has never acknowledged the loss.

According to official data from the Russian Defense Ministry, only one of the approximately 500 personnel died, and 27 are missing.

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According to Novaya Gazeta Europe and Meduza, estimated losses are around 40 dead and 100 injured.

Ukraine’s losses

Ukraine’s losses, according to Oryx, are disproportionately small. Kiev would have lost a total of 3,164 pieces of equipment:

  • Destroyed – 2,032;
  • damaged – 176;
  • Abandoned – 89;
  • Captured – 867.

Among them were 480 tanks, 523 BMPs, 10 command posts and communication stations, 61 aircraft and 29 helicopters, as well as 25 ships, some of which were sunk by the Ukrainians.

Pentagon documents leaked on social media provide US estimates of casualties between the two armies during the year-and-a-half war.

Russia lost between 189,500 and 223,000 soldiers, including 43,000 killed, while Ukraine lost between 124,500 and 131,000 soldiers, including 17,500 killed.

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