The popular Reddit Apollo app shut down on June 30th

The popular third-party Reddit app Apollo will be closed As of June 30th, Apollo developer Christian Selig announced today. This news comes after Reddit decided to start charging developers an unreasonable amount to access its API.

Reddit charges $12,000 for 50 million requests, Selig said in late May, and given the number of people using Apollo, that would result in a $20 million annual fee that Selig can’t afford.

Reddit hasn’t budged on its pricing plans despite the objections of users and Reddit moderators who rely on third-party apps, and the change would make it impossible for Apollo to stay in business. “Going from a free API for 8 years to suddenly incurring massive costs is not something I can do practically in just 30 days,” Selig writes.

Apollo is Reddit’s most popular third-party app, mainly because of the work Selig put into it. It regularly adds new features and updates and interfaces with users to get feedback on new functionality. Reddit maintains its own app, but it doesn’t have the same feature options as Apollo, and users who rely on the Apollo app will no doubt be disappointed by this turn of events.

Over the past several days, Selig has been trying to strike a deal with Reddit, but it was clear that Reddit had no plan to offer affordable API pricing. Reddit actually claimed that Selig attempted to extort money from the company and ineffectively work on Apollo, but was unable to provide Selig with more information on how to improve the app to reduce API usage. Selig believes he can rewrite the code to make Apollo more efficient in the long run, but Reddit only gave him 30 days to implement code changes, switch to a subscription model, migrate users, and make other updates. In addition to the cost and the negative interaction he’s had with Reddit’s leadership, Selig says timing is another reason he can’t get Apollo to work with Reddit’s new pricing for the API.

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Selig gave full details of why he made the decision to shut down Apollo, plus he has transcripts and audio recordings of his discussions with Reddit and What led to this decision.

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