The Russians have reported that 9 drones attacked Crimea last night. One of them exploded in a town in the center of the peninsula

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Russians say they found 9 drones in Crimea Photo: Profimedia Images

The Russians claim to have shot down nine drones over the Crimean peninsula, an annexed Ukrainian territory since 2014. Sergei Aksyonov, the so-called “governor” installed by the Russians in Crimea, announced that six drones had been shot down and three others shot down. “Disabled,” he reports, before hitting the ground The Moscow Times.

“Last night and this morning, 9 drones were detected on the border of the Republic of Crimea. Six devices were shot down by air defense forces, and three devices were disabled before hitting the ground,” Aksionov said, adding that there were no casualties.

However, a drone exploded in a town in the center of the peninsula, and the blast shattered the windows of several buildings.

Drone strikes in Crimea have increased in frequency and intensity in recent weeks as Ukraine launched an expected counteroffensive against the invaders.

The government in Kiev has repeatedly said it wants to recover all occupied territories, including Crimea.

Author: Adrian Dumitru

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