Todd Howard says Starfield is “great” on the Xbox Series S.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Starfield alien version being locked out 30fps on Xbox consoles, but how exactly is it on the Series S? While we’ve seen the game in action on the Series X, Bethesda game director Todd Howard mentioned how “awesome” the minimalist experience is.

During a recent industry panel event, Todd made it clear that he owns both an X and an S, noting that most of his playing time in Starfield thus far has been in Series S – mostly because his kids are always in Series X.

that’s what he said (via VGC):

“I got an X and an S when they came out. I put the X in the basement with a big 4K TV. My kids don’t allow [me play it]…they are always on it. So the S is upstairs…and [the game] Looks great. “

As confirmed earlier this week, Starfield will premiere in 4k on Xbox Xbox X And 1440 p on xbox s With both versions locked at 30fps. Howard had previously said that the team did not want to “sacrifice” any of the game’s “massive open world” fidelity when it came to frame rate.

If you plan to play Starfield on the S series, you might want to consider upgrading to the new Carbon Black, 1 TB model, as the Microsoft Store listing revealed that the game could require up to 125 GB from space. The system was announced during the recent Xbox Game Show and will arrive on September 1, 2023, for $349 / £299.

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