The vast Russian military contingent has been paralyzed for a day. It consists mainly of logistics vehicles, many tanks / Russian forces start having problems with fuel and food

The BBC has examined satellite images provided by McKenzie’s intelligence services on their way to Kyiv with the Russian military contingent. The most important information is here:

– This is not a 64 km unit convoy, but there are lined sections of logistics on the highway connecting Kiev to the border with Belarus. The purpose of the transport was to join the Russian military units already stationed in the northern suburbs and villages of Kiev.
– Convoy seems to be delayed / difficult in many areas due to damaged vehicles
– There are many tanks and infantry vehicles in the column, but especially logistics, i.e. long-term projects

Military analysts quoted the BBC as saying that Russian forces had made very little progress in the past 24 hours.

U.S. defense officials say the same is true of Russian troops, who have fuel problems.

“We often see military vehicles running out of fuel. Now they have no food for the soldiers, ”a US official told AFP.

In addition, a Pentagon official quoted by Newsweek said the convoy did not move Tuesday and was stuck in its position about 30 km north of Kiev on Monday. (Photo source: AGERPRES / EPA / MAXAR)

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