The woman with the biggest lips in the world. He is Bulgarian and receives daily marriage proposals – event of the day

Her name is Andrea Emilova Ivanova, she is 25 years old, originally from Bulgaria and claims to have the biggest lips in the world. So far, she says she has spent more than €22,000, around £20,000, on 43 procedures. Every month she gets hyaluronic acid injections to keep her lips plump.

“Of course I get new injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips every month. It’s like a ritual for me. I am scheduled for another cheekbone injection soon. I keep doing cheekbone augmentation because I want to get that “wow effect” and I want them to be as big as my lips. I also continue with lip augmentation because I want to get bigger lips,” said the young woman.

Her appearance, says Andrea Emilova Ivanova, attracts many men who offer her various things or propose to her. That’s right, I’m one of those people who thinks she’s weird or crazy, says the young woman. However, despite the fact that she has many admirers, the young woman has difficulty making decisions, so she does not find her half.

“I’m a girl with a weird and fancy look, which is strange to many men. Of course there are many men who like me a lot, but there are also those who don’t like me. They think I’m weird, crazy,” said Andrea. Glass.

Photographic evidence. Instagram

Men propose to her

She revealed that she received many marriage proposals from men all over the world. They find her on social media and send messages wanting to meet her after doing these cosmetic procedures.

“On my social media I receive marriage proposals from men all over the world, from different countries and continents. I don’t know the exact number of marriage proposals, but there must be hundreds of marriages during these years. Since I’ve changed my look, it’s grown a lot. Almost every day I get private messages online from different men proposing to me,” she said.

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The woman with the biggest lips in the world

Andrea Emilova Ivanova says she receives private messages from men who are attracted to her looks and want to meet her.

“Many men message me privately on social media and offer me dates, money, trips, which is great. It makes me happy to have people who like me and want my company and attention. However, I will be happy to meet the love of my life, but I don’t know when that will happen,” he said.

It is difficult for him to decide considering that he has suffered a lot in his love life. Andrea Emilova Ivanova said that she experienced many disappointments in love, especially in her teenage years.

“So far we have had many love stories and dramas. Especially in my teenage years, when I was dumped by two of my ex-boyfriends. It’s hard for a person to find their soul mate, especially when they are different like me,” she said.

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