Zahrova says the German diplomat was “stupid” or deliberately misinformed / that it started the “grain war”.

Russia has denied the allegations made by the German Foreign MinisterGrain warr ”that it is not responsible for the rise in food prices and has nothing to do with the risk of the world facing famine, especially in the less developed countries that are dependent on grain exports from Ukraine.

Maria Jaharova at the press conferencePhoto: Twitter video capture

Russian MFA spokeswoman Maria Zharova told the Telegram that Western sanctions may have contributed to the current rise in prices. “If you do not understand this, it is a sign of nonsense or deliberate misinformation of the public,” he told Baerbock.

Another reason for the global food crisis, according to Zharova, was the collapse of the Ukrainian state by the West. Those who interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs and outlined Kiev’s domestic and foreign policies were the forerunners of the war, Zahrova said.

Russia’s deliberate decision to extend the military war against Ukraine into a “grain war”, German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach told a news conference at the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Germany on Saturday. According to CNN. .

“Russia’s actions lead to supply failure, prices are skyrocketing, not only in our country, but around the world, with the threat of famine. We do not have to be naive – this is not about co – damage. It is a deliberate tool of choice in the ongoing hybrid war,” Barbach said.

He also accused Russia of preparing the ground for new crises, undermining international unity against the Russian war through misinformation such as starvation, instability, energy insecurity, erosion of democratic values ​​and human rights.

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