Trojan Passeku: I do not think Russia can invade Ukraine. We are moving towards a world where there are only two superpowers

Trian Passek believes that Russia will not be able to occupy Ukraine and will not directly attack the separatist areas in the east, but wants to unite the “two Transnistrians” there. The Ukrainian military is not the same as it was in 2014, and in the event of an invasion, the Russian military will suffer losses, or Putin will not bring in civilians who are accustomed to the house, and certainly will not bring him back. Glory, he explained Sunday.In the evening, at DG24, the former president of Romania. Moreover, Putin believes that Russia has already lost competition with China as the pole of the world power and will only be a regional power “showing its artillery and tanks, rather than showing its robots and advances in computer science.”

“I do not think Russia can invade Ukraine. It can, at most, strengthen the Donbass Basin and create greater Transnistria in eastern Ukraine. And the integration of the two countries known as the Lugansk Republics.

“It simply came to our notice then. After this adventure, I fear that Russia will have to support very strong military bases in the East. From where Putin’s goal is to dismantle military bases, NATO has looked at how Vladimir Putin can act and strengthen the East, “he said.”

The war of losses for Putin

When asked by Vladimir Putin what he can do to prevent an attack on Ukraine, he tells Train Bosz that he does not have enough people to occupy a country the size of Ukraine.

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“First, we’re talking about 150,000 Russian troops around Ukraine, 30,000 from Crimea and 30,000 from Belarus. I’m also acknowledging the number of different states throwing in the average. Or, with a population of 150,000 – 170,000, you can not occupy a country the size of Ukraine,” the MEP said.

However, if Russia invades Ukraine, it will be a protracted war for the Russian Federation because the Ukrainian military has not existed since 2014, says Trian Passek. “He received sophisticated military equipment and defensive equipment that would make Putin’s tank in Ukraine more dangerous if he entered military life; it has the most modern infantry equipment, so the Russian military is not intervening in a way that could cause casualties and add to Putin’s pride,” Drian Bessek pointed out.

After occupying Georgia in two days and then staying in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Putin covered himself with glory, covered himself with the pride of occupying Crimea without losing a single soldier, and covered himself with the pride of providing separatist weapons in the Donbass. Without losing the Basin and Russian troops, Ukraine became a major security and sovereign issue. But if he invades Ukraine, it will be a war he will lose. However, I do not think President Putin is currently in a position to explain to the people that the invasion of Ukraine is neither necessary nor opportunistic, and that he has many soldiers who lose every day. I think the Ukrainian people are very angry with the Russians. They are more or less of the same descent, ”the former president explained.

“I do not think the Russian Federation will invade Ukraine, but it will pursue a policy of uniting the pro – Russian region of Donabas into two so – called Transnistrian republics. .The same thing was done with the Republic of Moldova with Georgia as a candidate to join NATO, Trian Pesso recalled.

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Russia loses match with China for “superpower” title

Asked how so much tension had arisen, the former president said the fight between the superpowers – the rivalry with China – was being defeated because Russia was economically weak without knowing how to change its methods.

“Look, we have the development of two major world events: tensions on the Ukrainian border, the Russian military’s readiness to intervene, and the Olympics. There are two countries that claim to be major powers.

Look at the power of a country that gains its power and respect through development – that is China, just as Putin and the Russian Federation can show: tanks and artillery.

UN This is what the two most important members of the Security Council have to offer to the world: Russia provides strength and brutality, China – development. The Chinese impressed me with what they showed in terms of robotics, structure, and ability to create the highest class event. At the other end of the spectrum was the Russian occupation. China is advancing in global credibility, and Russia will be the same as it was after World War II, a regional power that shows artillery and tanks instead of advances in its robots and computer science.

Putin wants to return to the global game. Or, You can not re-enter the global game with tanks and cannons. To be a global power, you have to be a great diplomatic power – and Russia it is – you have to be a great military power – and Russia it is – and you have to be a great economic power – this is not Russia. So it does not have one of three criteria to be a major global power. Then he thought he was entering the global game, he sat at the table with the United States, China, to become the third pole of world power. I don’t think he won. Instead, Putin will come out of this adventure with a bang. “

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A world with only two poles

As China approaches US GDP, it is approaching the United States as an economic power. “I think it will be the world’s largest economy in the next decade. However, it does not have the military capabilities that the United States currently has and will not have them in a decade. For simple reasons: China needs to feed 1.4 billion people. Allows them to be on board at any time, anytime, anywhere, with 2,000 Marines and 300 aircraft each, ”said Troy Passeku.

China is a global “factory”, but in turn it depends on the markets of the European Union and the United States. The MEP said it was interdependent that put everyone at risk.

“We are clearly moving towards a bipolar world with two major powers, the United States and China. Yes, the Chinese understand that the first thing to do is to become a world power, not an economic power. Russia will be a regional power, “he said.

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