Ukrainian general announces when Ukraine can celebrate victory over Russia

Ukrainian general Dmytro Marchenko, who coordinated the defense of the cities of Nikolaev and Odessa, says that Ukraine can end the war with Russia and win in the spring, reaching its borders since 1991, RBC news agency quoted Radar.

Missile attack on Odessa portPhoto: Efrem Lukatsky/AP – Associated Press/Profimedia

“I don’t want to make predictions, but if we have the weapons that were promised to us, I think that next spring, we will celebrate victory,” General Marcenko said in an interview. To the Ukrainian newspaper RBC.

According to Marchenko, Ukraine has already passed the “point of no return” after the Irbin and Busia cases, so now it is absolutely impossible to talk about any negotiations with the ceding of any territory.

“If we do that, we will put this war on the shoulders of our children. If he gives up at least one piece of land to the enemy, he will return home, make some decisions and attack again in six or eight years.

Therefore, we must protect the entire territory, we must control all the borders of Ukraine, and not leave any part of our land (to the Russians), said the general, who coordinated the defense of the cities of Nikolaev and Odessa.

The Russians cannot hold a referendum in Kherson

Ukrainian General Dmytro Marchenko says the Russian secret services are discussing among themselves that the situation used in Crimea in 2014, when the Russian occupiers called a referendum to annex the peninsula, cannot be implemented in Kherson.

According to Marsenko, the people of Kherson do not allow the occupiers to implement their views regarding the “referendum” and the “Russian world”.

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“Their FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia, no) officers are discussing among themselves that they failed to implement the situation in Kherson that they used in Crimea. They already realize this and are preparing other measures, which will not succeed”, said the commander.

Marchenko firmly believes that the authorities installed by Moscow in Kherson will not organize any kind of “referendum”.

Gerson’s release “soon”

A Ukrainian general says the liberation of the temporary Russian-occupied city of Kherson could happen very quickly, but appealed to people to “wait a little longer”.

Marchenko did not provide details on a specific time frame for the liberation of Kherson and the entire region, but noted that the process “may not be as long as everyone expects.”

“It will happen soon. Let them wait a little longer. We will not forget them (the people of Kherson, no) and no one abandons their people. We will help them, but let them wait a little longer,” he said. General, in an interview with RBC.

Residents of Kherson will “see and hear everything” in the future, he said.


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