Update Dmitry Peskov denies reports that President Putin may address the nation today to change status of “special military operation”

Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said reports that Vladimir Putin will address the nation today, October 5, are not true. According to him, he indicated that the President did not want to announce a change in the format of the special operation Commercial.

Asked if there were plans to change the shape of the special military operation to fight terrorism, a Kremlin spokesman said: “This is the prerogative of the president. No such decision has been made yet.”

Formerly Independent Publishing RedovkaQuoted Sky NewsVladimir Putin said he would address his nation today.

The site reported that Putin could change the status of “special military operations” — that is, the war he launched after the invasion of Ukraine.

In an earlier speech, Putin accused the West of engaging in “nuclear threats” and said he would use “all means at our disposal” if Russian territory was threatened.

The publication cited by the update speculated that Putin was unlikely to introduce martial law and would choose to declare a legal regime of counter-terrorism measures.

In late September, the Russian-imposed leader of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, first called for the regime to be introduced in territories annexed from Ukraine.

“The status of the special operation in the Zaporizhzhya region should be changed to anti-terror. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently restore order,” said Vladimir Rokov, the founder of the “We are together with Russia” movement.

In the territory where the legal regime of anti-terrorist activity has been introduced, it is allowed:

Verification of documents proving identity;
removal of people from parts of the land and objects, as well as towing vehicles;
Strengthening the protection of public order, the object of state security and objects that ensure the vital activity and transport activity of the population, as well as objects of special value;
carrying out control of telephone conversations and other information transmitted through the channels of telecommunication systems;
Use of vehicles owned by companies regardless of the form of ownership and vehicles owned by individuals in emergency cases;
Termination of activities of hazardous industries and enterprises using explosive, radioactive, chemical and biologically hazardous materials;
suspending the provision of communication services to legal and natural persons or restricting the use of communication networks and communication means;
Temporary resettlement of natural persons living in the territory where the legal regime of anti-terrorist measures has been introduced;
Introduction of quarantine, implementation of sanitary, anti-epidemic, veterinary and other quarantine measures;
Controlling the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets;
Unhindered entry of persons engaged in anti-terrorist activity into residential premises and other premises owned by natural persons and lands owned by them;
Inspection of natural persons and their property upon entering and exiting the territory where the legal regime of anti-terrorist operation has been introduced;
restricting or prohibiting the sale of weapons, ammunition, explosives, special means and toxic substances, establishing a special regime for the circulation of narcotic, psychoactive or strong substances, ethyl alcohol, alcohol-containing products and alcohol-containing products and drugs;

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According to experts, the Russian government should send an ultimatum to Ukraine demanding the withdrawal of its troops from the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk republics, as well as from Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

The regime was last introduced in 1999 in the territory of Chechnya and lasted for 10 years until April 16, 2009. On September 23, 1999, Russian President Boris Yeltsin Decree No. 1255 “Measures to increase the effectiveness of anti-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation”.

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