Western countries announce sending armored vehicles to Ukraine. Zelensky asks for tanks: we need heavy weapons

Western allies will supply Ukraine with new armored fighting vehicles, but not the heavy tanks Kiev has demanded to fight Russia. This one, Under conditions Washington assessed On the front lines, intense fighting would continue for months. reports Reuters.

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Ukraine’s military says it killed 800 Russian soldiers in a single day

Update 10:10 More than 800 Russian soldiers have been killed by Kiev forces in the past 24 hours, the General Staff of Ukraine’s military announced Thursday.

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The command of the Ukrainian army says that most of the Russian losses were recorded in the Donetsk region.

At the same time, Russian forces continue offensive operations in the Bahmut region, the last to be repulsed by the Ukrainians in the Avdiivka and Kubiansk regions.

France to send AMX-10 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron told Ukrainian President VolodymyrAndI amAndr Zelenski said his government will send AMX-10 RC light armored combat vehicles, a French official said on Wednesday. A conversation TelephoneComplicated between Two leaders.

On the other hand, Australia awarded Kiev 90 of Armored unit against Bushmaster vehicles, mines and other threats.
US President Joe Biden A He also said Washington is considering sending it on Wednesday of Bradley fighting vehicles in Ukraine. However, they are not included Abrams tanks he owns he asked Ukraine. Kiev A he asked It has repeatedly supplied heavy combat vehicles such as German-made Abrams and Panther tanks to Western allies.

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According to the Pentagon, the Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle is typically armed with artillery, machine guns and anti-armor missiles.

InsideA news Video: Zelenskiy thanked Macron for the announcementUl about the armored vehicles, but said that it is needed Other allies provide heavy weapons.
This is Work Sends a clear signal to all partners. No reason Logically Western tanks have not yet been delivered to Ukrainehe said.

“No regrets In Washington after the attackThe Killed Ukrainian Dozens of players Russian

No No regrets In Washington, a White House spokesman said Wednesday after a Ukrainian airstrike killed scores of Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

Russia a He admitted the attack on Wednesday It targeted Russian soldiers in Makhivik on New Year’s DayHe did 89 people died.

John Kirby, a spokesman for President Joe Biden’s National Security Council, would not comment on the toll, while the Ukrainian military’s strategic communications department said 400 Russian soldiers were killed and 300 wounded.

No There was no complaint from the (US) administration. It is war. (Ukrainians) invaded and they fought back and defended themselvesKirby said at a press conference.

“Russian soldiers on their (Ukrainians’) territory are a legitimate target of military action for Ukraine.he added.

The blast took place in the area Fierce fighting, and war is a bloody businesswas added Kirby.

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