Video F-16s will attack Russia right after Easter. Are they more powerful than Russia’s MIG-29?

On May 3, NATO released new images of training for Ukrainian pilots in Denmark.

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The video above was filmed at Royal Danish Air Force Skridstrup Air Base [RDAF]Provides insight into the daily training routine of Ukrainian Air Force soldiers, revealing some intricate details.

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Video F-16s will attack Russia right after Easter. Are they more powerful than Russia’s MIG-29?

“Of course, the F-16 is more agile than the MiG-29 RAC” (pictured below), a Ukrainian F-16 pilot was interviewed. The pilot is codenamed “Moonfish”.

The comparison draws from the previous experience of the “Moonfish” flying a similar Soviet fighter over Ukraine. The pilot also described the F-16 as “a super nice plane to fly.”

According to ‘Moonfish’, a significant part of the training takes place in the air, supplemented by the execution of mission tasks in the simulator. A video shared by NATO shows the two-seat F-16D fighter jet, believed to be from 1988.

“very active”

Ukrainian experts speculate that it won’t be long before we see Ukrainian pilots taking their first flights in F-16s to attack Russia, which has been confirmed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

These brave pilots are currently improving their operational and operational skills using top flight simulators. These simulators are meticulously designed to simulate the intricacies of the F-16 cockpit with stunning fidelity.

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The same Ukrainian pilot offered some insight when asked about his view of the F-16, especially compared to his previous experiences with the Russian MiG. He expressed surprise at the simplicity of the F-16’s multifunction displays and on-board computer system interface.

Moonfish was impressed with the F-16’s joystick, saying it piqued his interest unlike anything else on the MiG-29. He testified that the transition from the outdated data processing system in the MiG to the F-16’s advanced on-board computer system was a substantial step.

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The change highlights some of the differences between visual control and weapons communication, but it doesn’t dampen Moonfish’s confidence that it can outclass the F-16.

To date, four countries have delivered their F-16s to the Ukrainian Air Force. These include Belgium, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. Different sources cite different figures, but the commonly cited number of F-16s Ukraine will receive is 61 units.

Denmark is sending the F16 after Easter

Earlier this year, in late April, Denmark’s ambassador to Ukraine, Ole Ekberg Mikkelsen, reiterated that Denmark plans to transfer all remaining F-16 fighters to Ukraine after purchasing the F-35s.

In addition to those sold to Argentina, the Ukrainian Air Force is set to receive the entire Danish fleet of F-16s. Thus, a total of 44 F-16 AM and F-16BM fighters are in Denmark’s possession, of which 24 were sold to Argentina in April 2024.

As a result, Denmark is expected to transfer a total of 19 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in multiple batches.

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Kyiv said Ukraine would begin operating the F-16s after the Orthodox Easter on May 5. The country is struggling with Russia’s devastating bombings and long waits for Western-made fighter jets.

“We are waiting,” Ukrainian air force spokesman Ilya Yevlash said, adding that the planes would take to the skies above the war-torn country “after Easter,” Ukrainian media reported Wednesday. Newsweek International.

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