Vladimir Putin is mentally deranged. The Kremlin leader feared Prigozhin. Analysis of Non-Verbal Language Specialists

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared “nervous and almost mentally broken” on Saturday as he delivered a speech as Wagner Group chairman Yevgeny Prigozhin approached Moscow. Also, experts in non-verbal language analysis said that even if the leader of the mercenary force abandons the parade in the capital, it should not be reassuring to the leader in the Kremlin. American magazine.

Luke Coffey said the Russian president “looked like someone completely out of control.” Hudson Company. “He used the right words, but judging by his gestures, he looked nervous and almost mentally broken,” Coffey added.

Coffey said the turmoil in Russia is “still a long way off”. “It is very naive for Prigozhin to say that his troops are going back to the barracks because they can do what the Wagner group did and then everything is fine,” he said.

In a televised message to the nation, dictator Wagner vowed to crush the group’s “armed revolt”, branding the uprising “treason” and “backstabbing”.

Vladimir Putin, between despair and science fiction

Putin attacked the same mercenary insurgency that helped Moscow’s soldiers in Ukraine, undermining the united front: “For this war in which the fate of our people will be decided, all our forces must be united; unity, coordination and responsibility,” the Kremlin leader said in a nearly six-minute speech. “Everything that divides us must be put aside, differences that our enemies can or will use to disrupt us from within.”

Meanwhile, Dalibor Rohac, senior researcher American EnterpriseThe short-lived coup was speculated to be an attempt to distract and confuse the Russian people — ultimately boosting Putin’s image.

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“[Putin] He can strategize for the housemates, create this chaos and become the one who resolves the situation. If you come out and use this: look, it will be very bad without me, crazy people will come to power,” believes Dalibor Rohac. “There is no reason to say that it is happening, but it is not the first time that something happens in Russia, where it does not appear.”

Confrontation with Prigogine, stages

Putin – who did not mention Yevgeny Prigozhin by name – said ambitions and personal interests “led to betrayal” and called the attack a betrayal of the country, the people and the cause the mercenaries fought for: “This is a blow against Russia. , against our people. Our actions in defending the homeland from such a threat.” would be brutal,” Putin said.

“Those who deliberately stepped on the path of treason, those who prepared armed rebellion, those who followed the path of intimidation and methods of terror, will suffer the inevitable punishments and answer to the law and our people,” declared the No. 1 person. From Russia.

Putin’s statement came hours after Prigozhin announced that 25,000 of his mercenaries had captured the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, the military headquarters of the country’s southern region. Prigozhin said on Friday that the uprising occurred after Russian soldiers attacked and killed his men in Ukraine.

The head of the Wagner Group has for months criticized Russia’s military leadership – particularly Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov – for their handling of the war in Ukraine. But in a tumultuous day on Saturday, Prigozhin announced that he was abandoning his march on Moscow and returning to his positions amid news of a deal negotiated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. No punishment awaits Prigogine and his people.

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