Vladimir Putin, Russia’s first foreign minister since the collapse of the Soviet Union, says he will not use nuclear weapons: “It’s like his Soviet predecessors”

Andrey Kozyrev, Russia’s first foreign minister since the breakup of the Soviet Union, says President Vladimir Putin will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, echoing threats from his Soviet predecessor.

In 1992 Andrei Kozyrev attended a meeting in Chisinau on the situation in Transnistria, along with Adrian Nastez.Photo: Alexei Boitsov / Sputnik / Profimedia Images

Kozyrev mentions in a series of posts on his page Twitter There seem to be two diametrically opposed rationales currently circulating as to why Russia should not be defeated in Ukraine.

First, it is so powerful that, being a nuclear superpower, it can call upon an arsenal of nuclear weapons in the face of imminent defeat. Second, Russia, by contrast, is a giant with feet of clay that would crumble into chaos if it failed, leaving the country’s nuclear arsenal in uncertain hands.

“Putin and his team, like their Soviet predecessors, know that a nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought. Not because of the millions who would be affected by a nuclear war, but because they too will perish. They are running after money, power and fame, not suicide,” says 1990 to 1996 6 Kozyrev, who was Russia’s foreign minister for years.

He points out that America’s ability and determination to resist Russian aggression has served as a strategic deterrent for more than 70 years.

If Ukraine wins, Moscow’s intimidation will know no bounds, says former Russian foreign minister

As for Moscow’s repeated threats to use nuclear weapons, Kozyrev says they agree with the idea of ​​so-called “escalation” of the conflict, but only to scare Kiev and the West. Surrender Ukraine.

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“If Ukraine and the West capitulate, the threat will be limitless. Otherwise, Russia is likely to face a massive conventional response or escalate to suicidal levels. Aware of these risks, the Kremlin has not followed through on its threats to use nuclear weapons to deter or retaliate against Western arms exports to Ukraine,” he pointed out.

Kozyrev said he predicted the Kremlin might be pressured to use nuclear weapons only in response to an invasion that threatens the existence of “Putin’s kingdom.” theory Russia’s nuclear arsenal, which stipulates that the country’s nuclear weapons can be used in the event of a threat to the existence of the Russian state.

A former Russian diplomat says the US and NATO need to clarify why they are helping Kiev and what Kiev’s victory in Putin’s war means. 24 February: Restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine within its borders recognized by international treaties.

“This victory would not be far from an existential threat to Russia or Putin,” Kozyrev says, adding that despite bellicose statements by Moscow’s propagandists, even Putin’s claim could be easily dismissed. Consolidation of Territories Busy Ukrainian women.

Andrei Kozirev says Putin’s regime will fall one day

A former head of Russian diplomacy says Russian propagandists would immediately switch plates at the Kremlin’s behest.

“Failure? Which failure? Putin taught NATO a lesson: never think about attacking Russia. Similarly, we can claim the fulfillment of the goals outlined by Putin at the beginning of the invasion: the destruction, demilitarization and cessation of genocide in the Donbass were successful,” explains Andrey Kozyrev.

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He says the police state Putin created will one day collapse, which could open the door to some reformers. But he warns that the process will be long and that Putin or his regime will retain their grip on power in Russia for a long time, “turning it into a kind of giant North Korea, a depressed country dependent on China for its nuclear weapons”.

Kozyrev concludes by pointing out that if the US and NATO do not let Ukraine fall into this war, Russia will not have the courage in the future to attack its neighbors that are heavily protected by Washington, just as Kim Jong Un’s regime lacks the courage in the future. .

From his position of occupation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Andriy Kozyrev negotiated the end of the agreements that allowed Crimea to remain within Ukraine. Disarmament Kiev’s nuclear power or the “freeze” of the conflict in Transnistria.

The former Russian foreign minister, who moved to the United States in 2010, denounced “the authoritarian, anti-Western system that Mr. Putin has reintroduced.” He has been living in Miami since 2015.

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