War in Ukraine, 84th day. The bombing continues / Zhelensky calls for an extension of martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine / The last Soviet soldiers surrender. The fate of 250 Ukrainian fighters is in the hands of the Russians

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has banned Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliyak for one year for snatching his bronze medal while wearing the logo in support of the invasion of Ukraine during the FIG World Cup in Doha equipment.

23:30 Update photos from the hospital in “RPD”

Update 23:00

Absolutely a group of hacktivists created a bottleneck that set up a conference call between several government agencies, leading each to believe that the call had been made. The aim is to waste government time and disable telephone connections. Automatic spam calls are made intermittently during business hours in Russia.

The Ukrainian regional security forces announced on Wednesday that Ukrainian militants had detonated an armored train carrying Russian troops in the southern Ukrainian city of Melidobol, according to Sky News.

Ukrainian network operator Ukrenerko on Wednesday rejected the advice of a Russian official, who told Reuters that the Ukrainian nuclear plant could run Russia on electricity.

The United States reopened its embassy, ​​which had been closed since mid-February following Russia’s military invasion, on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said.

Martial law was passed in Ukraine on February 24, the beginning of the Russian military invasion. The initial 30-day period has been extended twice so far.

President Volodymyr Zelensky wants to extend martial law and general mobilization from May 25 to 90 days. The relevant orders were sent to the Kiev parliament on Wednesday evening.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced last week that it wants to arm one million people in the wake of preparations for a new, “long-term” phase of the war with Russia.

Almost three months after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s defense spending rose nearly 40 percent in the first four months of the year, according to preliminary data released on Wednesday.

Russia spent 1.7 trillion rubles (21.2 billion) on defense from January to April.

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This amounts to half of the 3,500 billion rubles in the budget for 2022, or 2.6% of GDP.

Russia had initially projected a budget surplus of 1% or 1.3 trillion rubles by 2022, but now expects a deficit of at least 1.6 trillion rubles, allowing support payments to offset the impact of the unprecedented stalemate of Western sanctions.

Russia’s Defense Ministry released video footage on Wednesday of Ukrainian militants being treated at a hospital after surrendering from the Azovstal plant, according to Reuters.

“Negotiations have not progressed and we see the complete reluctance of the Ukrainian negotiators to continue this process,” said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president.

Instead, on Tuesday, the Volodymyr Zelensky administration accused Russia of being responsible for suspending negotiations for a general ceasefire and peace agreement.

21-year-old Russian tank commander Vadim Shishimir has been detained in Ukraine. A young Russian man has been charged with the February 28 murder of a 62-year-old citizen in the village of Subakivka in northeastern Ukraine, Reuters reports.

He pleaded guilty.

If convicted, Shishimmer faces up to life in prison.

The Kiev government has accused Russia of atrocities and brutality against civilians during the invasion and has identified more than 10,000 war crimes.

Ukrainian top commanders have not yet surrendered from the bunkers and tunnels under the Azovstel steel plant in Mariupol, the leader of the pro-Russian separatist region Donetsk was quoted by Reuters on Wednesday.

The € 9 billion loan will be borrowed by commissions from markets under a macro-financial assistance mechanism backed by EU government guarantees.

“We propose to supplement the significant short-term assistance provided so far to Ukraine with exceptional new macro-financial assistance of up to ில்லியன் 9 billion by 2022,” said Ursula van der Leyen, chairman of the Commission.

According to an update posted on Facebook, civilians of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that Russia had lost another 400 people on the last day.

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In addition, Russia lost 1,251 tanks, 3,043 armored vehicles, 586 artillery systems, 199 multi-missile missile systems, 91 air defense systems, 202 fighter jets and 13 warships.

Updated 12:10 In Donetsk, the invaders take control of the Novocelovka, Droitsky and Novocelovka Druha areas

Update 11:00 At Avtivka, the Russians “tenacify” a school by throwing phosphorus bombs

UPDATE 10:00 Enemies hurled grenades at a village in the Sumy area last night

UPDATE 9:20 Canada bans thousands of Russian citizens from entering the country, including President Putin.

UPDATE 8:10 Mykolayiv was hit by a rocket today

UPDATE 7:40 Another rocket launches from the Black Sea in Odessa

Update 06:40 Anti-aircraft warning in Mykolayiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Update 05:30 Ukraine calls on the Netherlands to support the establishment of a special tribunal for crimes committed by Russia

“I have always wanted justice. That is why Ukraine is asking the Netherlands to support the idea of ​​setting up a special tribunal. I have sent letters to dozens of foreign ministers proposing this idea, including Vopke.

Update 04:00

In June, the Council of Europe will consider Ukraine’s application for EU membership. Macron assured that France would continue to supply arms and that supplies would increase in the coming weeks, as well as humanitarian aid.

Update 03:00

The United States has begun a program to gather evidence of Russia’s crimes in Ukraine.

The plan includes documentation, verification and dissemination of open source resources.

Update 02:00 Melitopolis guerrillas kill top Russian soldiers

“In Melitopol, guerrillas beat up top Russian troops. The invaders are trying to prevent this situation. However, in the city today, Russian soldiers are actively inspecting private vehicles, probably searching for guerrillas,” said Zaporizhzhya Ministry of Civil Defense.

Update 01:50 Turkey has made several requests to Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

These requirements include:

  • Helsinki and Stockholm declared the Kurdistan Workers’ Party a terrorist organization
  • The arms embargo must be lifted
  • Return to the F-35 fighter aircraft’s own modernization program
  • Approval for new procurement package for F-16 fighter jets
  • Elimination of restrictions on the purchase of S-400 systems in Russia
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US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen said on Tuesday that the EU was likely to make a significant financial contribution to the functioning of the Ukrainian government, and that it would seek the contributions of Britain, Canada and Japan.

Summary of the day

  • No one was injured when the Ukrainian army bombed a Russian village on the border with Ukraine.
  • Russia-Ukraine peace talks stalled due to mutual recriminations
  • Moscow says it could be difficult to resume talks
  • US President Joe Biden will discuss Swedish and Finnish leaders’ applications for NATO membership at the White House on Thursday, and the Biden administration hopes the coalition can reach a consensus despite opposition from NATO member Turkey.
  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has said that Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO will not make a big difference, as the two countries have long been engaged in coalition military exercises.
  • European Commission says opening ruble accounts in Russian banks to pay for gas violates EU sanctions against Moscow

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