Watch an SUV-sized asteroid zoom in from Earth with a close throat

Asteroid 2023 BU passed Earth on Thursday night (January 26) to the delight of amateur astronomers around the world. For skywatchers who don’t have access to a telescope or those whose view is hampered by bad weather, luckily, the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy was there to observe the event and broadcast everything for free.

The Virtual Telescope is an automated telescope operated by Italian amateur astronomer Gianluca Massi near Rome, Italy. as 2023 BU drive a landthe telescope was able to track the rocks through a gap in the clouds when it was about 13,670 miles (22,000 kilometers) from its closest point to Earth’s surface (about the height of GPS Navigation Satellite Constellation) and 22,990 miles (37,000 km) from the virtual telescope.

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