Warrior Stephen Curry has been fined $25,000 for throwing a mouthpiece into the stands against the Grizzlies


NBA announce that Golden State Warriors Goalkeeper Stephen Curry has been fined $25,000 for throwing his mouthpiece into the stands during Wednesday night’s game against… Memphis Grizzlies. Curry was ejected for his action that occurred with just 74 seconds left in the close game, but the reason he threw his mouthpiece stemmed from his team’s fruitless offensive possession that ended with only a few seconds remaining.

With 1:23 left in the fourth quarter and the Warriors leading by two, Klay Thompson missed a mid-range jumper that would have doubled the Warriors’ lead. Donte DiVincenzo grabbed the offensive plate and quickly moved to Jordan Poole, and this is where things got out of hand.

With Curry called for the ball, Paul threw a fast three-pointer. he miss. Curry, out of apparent frustration with Paul, angrily hurls his mouthpiece into the stands. This resulted in the officials promptly kicking him out of the game.

take a look:

The ejection was the third of Curry’s career, the other two being memorable for similar reasons. They both shared Curry throwing a mouthpiece. one came against Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals. The other one, coincidentally, came against the same Grizzlies in 2017.

“He knows he can’t make that mistake again,” coach Steve Kerr said after the game.

Fortunately for the Warriors, Curry’s absence didn’t cost them the game. Although the Grizzlies managed to tie the game twice, the Warriors were able to win on a thrilling layup by Poole off an in-bounds pass with just a second on the clock.

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Paul shared his annoyance with the decision to fire Curry after the match. “There is no reason to send him off in the last three minutes of the game,” he said on the ESPN broadcast. “He is one of the greatest players of all time.” Regardless of the outcome, the officials will face a great deal of scrutiny for their decision to eject Curry. In a nationally televised game between two Western Conference rivals, fans want stars like Curry to be represented on the floor, not thrown out for a brief display of emotion.

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