What does Russian Andrei Rublev, who sent the message “No war” the day after the occupation of Ukraine, say now?

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Andrei Rublev: “What is happening in Ukraine is terrible!”

In the final act of the California tour, Rublev meets Taylor Fritz. The two 24-year-old players have met face-to-face four times so far in the professional rounds and shared their victories (2-2).

After the victory with Dimitrov, Rublev spoke again about the war in Ukraine and continued to criticize Vladimir Putin’s actions.

“What’s happening in Ukraine is horrible, and I’m scared when I think about it.

If we succeed, I think it will be good news for a better world. Rublev told a news conference.

Andrei Rublev was the first athlete to say, “No to war.”

During a tour of Dubai, Andrey Rublev He wrote on camera News “Not war, please!“Now he’s talking about that chapter.

“I had no idea how many people would see this or where it would end, and I wrote about how I felt at the time, and that was it.

Since then, films with that stage have garnered more than 22 million views. I think I was the first athlete in the world to say that.Rublev said.

After winning in front of him Hubert HarrocksRussian Andrei Rublev He went to the camera and wrote a message condemning the decision of Vladimir Putin the day before Ukraine must be besieged.

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Photos taken at Vladimir Putin’s rally at Luzhniki Stadium

Photo Gallery

This is the 24th day of the war in Ukraine, and he writes that sirens continue to sound in Ukrainian cities bombed by the Russian military. Digi24.

  • You can watch the Digi24.ro text live, covering events in Ukraine Here.

Russian campaign RatedThat’s right More than 200,000 people turned up on Friday Great concert From the ground Luzhniki From Moscow where he appeared Vladimir Putin In the midst of the crowd, to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

BBC Reports But some of the participants, not wanting to attend the rally, were picked up by bus directly from the workplace.

Many participants left almost as soon as they arrived. Others remained there until Putin finished his speech. And the Russians who came to the stadium were also very scared of the cameras. Apparently, not officially.

Rafael Nadal – Carlos Alcaras, another Indian Wells semifinal

In another Indian Wells semi-final, Rafael Nadal (4th place ATP), the only player not to lose 19 matches since the beginning of 2022, will have his young teammate as his opponent. Carlos Alcaras (18 years old), was able to impress in the current edition of the competition held in the United States.

Nadal (35) won the only bout ever with three-time Indian Wells champion (2007, 2009, 2013) Alcaras, beating him in two sets (6-1, 6-2) last year. Madrid Masters 1,000 ATP.

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