Wheel of Fortune contestant scolded by Pat Sajak


March 23, 2023 | 9:39 a.m

Pat Sajak almost threw out a vowel.

The 76-year-old “Wheel of Fortune” host got a bit cranky when he urged a gamer named Nicole to “solve a darn puzzle.” Show on Wednesday evening.

Nicole spun the wheel so many times for Sajak that it seemed to make his head spin.

The Georgian citizen was trying to solve the puzzle under the category of “the same name”.

While she was guessing most of the letters and every required vowel, Sajak apparently urged her to say the answer in its entirety instead of spinning the dial again.

“Sounds good to me,” he said, as if to mean that she should be able to solve the puzzle quickly.

However, she spins the wheel again, guessing the letter “P” and the second time, saying “Y”.

Then it read on the green message board: “COCONUT & COU__ SYRUP.”

“Okay, I’ll solve it,” Nicole hesitantly declared. “Please, solve the darn puzzle!” Then Sausage shouted.

The answer to the phrase was “coconut cough syrup”.
Wheel of Fortune / ABC

She finally guessed “coconut cough syrup” correctly and seemed relieved when she scored the winning response.

But Sausage’s anger didn’t stop there. “It’s a terrible moment when everyone in America knows what this is but why don’t I?” “But you got it,” he said.

“We appreciate you pretending you didn’t know until the end. It heightened the drama and that was great,” he quipped, thinking Nicole knew he was just flirting with her.

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Georgia-born Nicole took home a total of $28,000 by the end of the show, but failed to hit the jackpot for a vacation to Hawaii.
Wheel of Fortune / ABC

The long harmonic display program also caused a stir recently after a player was put in a chokehold after a winning game.

contestant Fred Fletcher JacksonSajak, who said he was a professional wrestler, decoded the phrase “his mind wanders”, and Sajak went on to address him as a gesture of congratulations.

Someone commented, “I would never wrestle with a contestant like Sajak if I were the host of Wheel of Fortune, I literally do handshakes” Instagram Tuesday.

“Not just another perfect game, but another showdown with Pat against another contestant,” another person added.

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