White House, after talks in Geneva: Russia may “pretend diplomacy is ineffective” and continue its “aggressive” activities

This Very soon to say whether the Russians are ready to negotiate seriously, A SAPS A White House spokesman on Tuesday said the day after talks between the two countries in Geneva had not eased tensions around Ukraine.

Moscow You can use these arguments to pretend that diplomacy is not working And must continue their activities Aggression, A SAPS Jen Saki, AFP reports, citing Agerpres.

NATO’s relations with Ukraine are limited to Ukraine and its 30 NATO allies., She said again.

Moscow demands that NATO never open the door to Ukraine, which is considered unacceptable by Washington.

US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapko on Monday in Switzerland.

After more than seven hours of tense talks, no progress was allowed in Ukraine, and US and Russian officials expressed interest in continuing the talks.

Westerners accuse Russia of deploying 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine in recent weeks in preparation for an attack on Ukraine, which Moscow denies. Western nations are threatening Russia with tough sanctions in the case of aggression.

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