Balance Sheet January 31. The number of victims has exceeded 20,000

GCS Balance, Govt-19. January 31, 2022

Authorities have released information about SARS-VOC2 infection in the last 24 hours.

According to data available at the CNCCI level on January 31, 2022, within 24 hours, at 10.00 am, 20,131 positive individuals were registered with SARS-VOC-2. 41 deaths have also been reported. No previous deaths were reported.

How long can an FFP2 mask be used?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says health workers can wear the N95 mask up to five times. However, experts say that the safe way a normal person wears a mask will vary depending on how they use it.

Richard Flagan, who studies masks and aerosols at the California Institute of Technology, says the length of time a mask wears is more important than the frequency at which it is worn.

He usually recommends limiting the use of FFP2 mask to two or three days.

With every breath you take with a mask like this, particles will accumulate on the mask, says Flagon. If there are a lot of particles in the mask it will make breathing difficult.

“They reduce the effectiveness of the mask,” says Flacon.

The elastic band on the mask may wear out and not fit around the face. It can be dirty or wet, especially when used during physical activity.

These types of masks cannot be washed and should be discarded after wearing, Mediafax reports. Read more Here.

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