Qatar demands assurances from the European Union that the gas it supplies will be in the EU

Qatar, one of the world’s largest natural gas importers, is calling on the EU to restrict gas resale outside the EU camp if the smaller Arab state and other gas suppliers want to urgently supply it to the EU at the event. Conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, Qatar has called for the EU to conclude an inquiry into its long-term deals launched in 2018, which could affect the free movement of the natural gas and single gas market in Europe, according to the European Commission. According to Agerpres, the talks are close, Reuters said.

Qatar’s demands are about the most important aspects of the liberalization of the European gas market. The EU believes that absolutely free natural gas transactions are essential for energy security, but reforms over the past two decades by many large manufacturers and gas consumers have often led to confusion and high prices.

US-Qatar talks in Washington

According to Reuters, the United States is concerned about Russia’s readiness to invade Ukraine, and Washington has asked Qatar and other major gas producers to consider providing additional gas supplies to Europe if Russia’s gas supply is disrupted in recent weeks. Russia supplies about a third of Europe’s gas needs, and any disruption to its supplies could exacerbate the existing crisis as a result of global oil and gas shortages.

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Although large quantities of gas are not available in Qatar, Doha officials have indicated that they are prepared to divert some supplies from Asia to Europe as a result of US mediation efforts. However, Reuters reports that Doha has not yet made any request to divert any supplies.

The possibility of an emergency gas supply to Europe is to be discussed during a meeting between the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and US President Joe Biden in Washington this week.

Qatari conditions

Last week, Doha officials made their wishes known to the European Union, and the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani held talks with European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen. The EU executive did not comment on the details of the talks with international partners regarding gas supply.

“Qatar’s supplies will not be conditional on these demands, but they must be addressed to find short – term and long – term solutions to Europe’s liquefied natural gas crisis,” Reuters was quoted as saying.

At the same time, Doha officials want the EU to hold a lengthy inquiry into Qatar’s long-term agreements.

“This will ensure that the EU enters into long-term agreements with Qatar and other suppliers instead of more expensive spot deals or seeks short-term solutions in the midst of crises,” the source added.

Qatar also wants the EU to guarantee that member states will re-export excess liquefied natural gas only within the EU.

“If they are not implemented, emergency deliveries to the EU could be profitably resold in the form of spot deliveries outside the EU, which in practice will prolong the EU’s energy deficit,” the source added.

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