He went on vacation in Spain and disappeared without a trace. Ana Maria sends a strange message to a friend, but the police have another clue

The husband of Ana Maria Nesevich Henau, an American woman who disappeared in Spain in February, has been arrested in Florida, the FBI said.

According to FBI spokesman James Marshall, 36-year-old David Nesevich of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is in the custody of federal agents for allegedly kidnapping his wife on February 2, 2024. CNN.

The man was arrested Saturday at Miami International Airport, Marshall said. Knezevici is scheduled to be arraigned in Miami federal court for formal arraignment.

The Spanish National Police, US Customs and Border Protection, the Diplomatic Security Service and the FBI are continuing their investigations into this complex and mysterious case.

Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, 40, reportedly disappeared in February after missing a meeting with a friend in Madrid.

Her brother, Juan Felipe Henau, told CNN that he was supposed to take a train to Barcelona with a friend on February 5, but that his sister did not arrive at the station in Madrid.

His friend Channa Ramev said they last exchanged messages on February 2.

Ramev said he was relieved to learn of the arrest. “Hope to get some answers”she said.

Around the time Ana Maria went missing, Ramev said he received a WhatsApp message from her: “I met someone amazing!! He has a summer house about 2 hours from Madrid. We’re going there now and I’ll stay there for a few days. The signal is weak. I’ll call you when I get back.”

The report also said that the man had approached her on the street earlier in the day while she was walking. “An amazing connection. Like nothing I’ve ever had.”He also said in the message.

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At the time of his disappearance, someone spray-painted the lenses of two surveillance cameras at the apartment building where Knezevich Henao lived in Madrid’s upscale Salamanca district, the building’s manager told CNN.

The disabled cameras were at the building’s entrance and near the elevators, he said. Investigators are still unsure if the incident is related to the woman’s disappearance.

The building manager and two other people told CNN that police entered Knezevich Henao’s apartment on February 12 with a court warrant.

Her brother and Ramo told CNN that in the days after Ana Maria went missing, she had been in private contact with Ana Maria’s husband and told them he was in Serbia.

Ana Maria initially rented an apartment in Madrid for a month between January 5 and February 5, two people told CNN.

The missing woman’s husband, David Knezevich, is the CEO of Florida-based IT company EOX Technology Solutions. He is of Serbian descent, while his wife – a project manager at the same company – is originally from Colombia.

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