Here are four popular, but very cheap, destinations abroad that you shouldn’t miss for a different vacation

As summer approaches, many may think of a great vacation spot, but no one wants to face the crowds, high prices, and other hassles associated with the most popular tourist destinations. Fortunately, the world has no shortage of beautiful and off-the-beaten-track tourist destinations.

Umbria, Italy

A holiday in Italy isn’t a bad choice, but perhaps not everyone wants to visit Rome, Turin or Milan, and for those looking to retreat to a slightly more modest but equally charming region, there’s no better choice than Umbria, Italy. area, according to the travel guide Lonely Planet.

A stone’s throw from the more famous Tuscany, Umbria is the only Italian region that does not open to the sea and has no common border with another country. A more isolated and less developed region in terms of infrastructure than its neighbors, Umbria still has a lot to offer tourists.

From very well-preserved small medieval towns and villages to well-developed local cuisine (and well-known heritage alcohol) is one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world to be celebrated in 2023 50th AnniversaryThe region has many reasons to be proud.

Also, 2023 is a unique moment for art and history buffs – this year marks the 500th anniversary of Umbria-born artist Pietro Perugino. One of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance.

More details about the artist and events dedicated to his life in 2023 can be found on the website Perugino 2023Created especially for this occasion.

Mokpo, South Korea

Korean tourist destinations that have grown in popularity in recent years include Seoul and Busan, and given the enormous success of South Korean music, fashion and cinematic works, Korea in general has become an increasingly attractive and well-known destination in Europe. The country has more energy than the two famous cities.

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As the travel guide to South Korea and Singapore points out, MiddleClass.sgThe port city of Mokpo offers the likes of a popular modern history museum, scenic views and a very welcoming traditional cuisine – for example, Dongbu Market, the city’s largest traditional market, has 375 stalls with a variety of culinary offerings from traditional Korean snacks. For countless fish dishes.

Additionally, Mokpo is a small cinema centre. The Netflix series was filmed in the city’s Museum of Modern History Luna HotelAnd the so-called Silva Alley has been the setting for many Korean movies and dramas over the years, with the 2017 historical drama “1987: When the Day Comes” being the most famous example.

In addition, Mokpo is home to the world’s first and largest floating sea fountain, which entertains the eyes of visitors at night with its 70-meter-high streams accompanied by music and light shows.

La Paz, Bolivia

South America may top the list for vibrant nightlife and offbeat attractions, but a traveler doesn’t have to limit himself to experiences like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, is a destination worth considering (and not just because prices in Bolivia are among the lowest on the continent). Compatible World AtlasAt 3,650 meters above sea level, the city is the highest capital city in the world.

Getting here is an adventure for those looking for spectacular mountain views, but as a South American travel blog shows, a stay in La Paz is not an experience to be ignored. World record holder.

Much of the city’s appeal is, unsurprisingly, due to its special geographical position. For less than what you’d pay for a city bus ticket in Romania, you can admire La Paz (and the surrounding mountains) from the top of one of the many gondolas that criss-cross the capital.

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If you want to keep your feet on the ground and still enjoy breathtaking views, the city is surrounded by hundreds of climbing routes. For those who want to see nature in a less thrilling way, a simple hike to the rock formation “Muela del Diablo (Devil’s Tooth)” or overnight camping are possible options.

For those moments when people aren’t enthralled by the natural beauty, La Paz offers them some of the best clubs in the region. Cultural tourMaybe even from the world.

On a more macabre note, tourists also have the opportunity to purchase lucky charms, items for various rituals, and other items. Market of witches. These wizards take their title seriously. Not only will they read your future, but they will try to sell you dried frog, turtle or snake meat – as a medicine for various problems or as an ingredient for a curse.

East bank of the Nile, Egypt

When it comes to Egypt, most tourists want to see the West Bank of the Nile, and rightly so. To the west you will find the must-see attractions of an Egypt trip, the Pyramids of Giza and the famous Sphinx.

However, while these pyramids are a true marvel of ancient architecture, let’s not forget that a country as steeped in history as Egypt has much more to offer.

For example, a little further away from the Giza complex, but still on the West Bank, is the other great architectural legacy left by the Egyptian pharaohs: the Valley of the Kings, the site of 63 graves Rulers who lived during the Egyptian New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC).

The most famous of these pharaohs was Tutankhamun, whose tomb was discovered almost untouched in 1922, an event that almost overnight made him one of the most famous kings in world history.

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However, the east bank of the Nile, though less famous and overshadowed by the magnificent western monuments, is a place worth trying, with considerable historical value.

Among the main attractions of the area is the Karnak Temple, one of the largest religious complexes ever built, dedicated to the glory of the pharaohs and the god Amun-Ra. Lonely Planet.

Just 3 kilometers away is the Luxor Temple, an equally impressive religious structure once linked to Karnak. Both these structures, which would require several hours to visit in their entirety, contribute to the region’s reputation as “World’s Largest Open Air Museum”.

On the east bank, in the city of Luxor, you can find two famous archaeological museums, one of which is dedicated to the practice of mummification. These two buildings house the best archaeological exhibits in Egypt and the world.

Of course, for those who are not interested A lot Historical monuments in the area, other East Coast hot air ballooning and short, multi-day trips are available through local agencies at reasonable prices for people who don’t want to blow a year’s salary on a weekend.

Although this part of the country is far from desolate, it may seem so from the eyes of one coming from Cairo or other popular areas of the West Bank.

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